HTC U12 Plus Review

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24 Replies to “HTC U12 Plus Review”

  1. Rat

    Every review is so biased. I'm sure Samsung have paid this guy and many others. HTC the finest phone brand on the planet

  2. Ladida386

    I use it since Sep 2018. Couldn`t be happier. I don`t know what`s up with buttons of your phone, mine is working fine. In a first week, when I didn`t have a screen protector, it feel flat on a screen to a concrete floor… nothing, well my heart stopped for a second. It`s really high quality phone. I really don`t know what are you talking about, it never freezes, buttons are working fine, no matter how many apps I have opened it`s still fast. The only thing that bothers me is the theme app. And I really don`t understand why you need and update after update, then the phone starts to slowdown and there you have your Samsung. I really don`t see the need of constant updating.

  3. David Buchanan

    Hard to believe HTC ruled the mobile phone world for about 5yrs with amazing designs and wonderful software.. Now their phones are as welcome as a WINDOWS mobile????? over priced, over rated, midrange phone trying to be a flagship…NOT.. LCD panel, shit battery life, substandard camera's, awful UI and the list goes on… HTC you make ALCATEL phone's look awesome… HTC 10 user… Unfortunately??

  4. chuckchizzle

    I used this one for a bit and it ran fine for me, good calls, put a launcher on. It was good…took it on a flight from Chicago to Washington to Ohio and it was great the whole time.

  5. Kelvin Yeo

    No wonder google have the idea also for the new google phone? Lol. Didn't u know google hardware team are bought over from htc who build their previous google phone? Lousy review and make yourself looks stupid. Dislike

  6. goodboy_us

    You know, the funny part of all of this is that when you take htc phones in your hands vs Samsung then HTC feels so much better. I can't understand how people can't really appreciate HTC at it's true quality. Bad review…

  7. Arlen Tsao

    Actually, you can recommend it over other flagships. $800 is far less than the way overpriced new iPhone costing $1450. It has a beautiful curved glass back and amazing colors. It has Edge Sense 2, something you cannot find anywhere else. It supports 512GB micro SD cards and the camera is easily top 3 in terms of quality.

  8. Real-Batman

    This review is BS. I have an HTC 9 that is years old and never an issue. HTC makes an outstanding reliable Phone. Look at the Apple x problems, Galaxy problems, even recalls. If you do a REVIEW make it Honest. There are just as large as the HTC, do small hands have a problem with those as well? HTC has leaps over sound tech over the tinny box crap of other phones. Apple does not have ear buds either, this is the same deal as the HTC 10 which is a great phone, My wife has that phone. Again not any issues. Peace


    The buttons work fine with mine, I think the tech savvy just can't swift their own limited paradigm. Just like my grands still miss the knob on telly even with my smart tv they still complain of the missing knob for volume.

  10. jimmy cychowski

    The downfall with htc from my experience is the lack of up to date security patch updates and software updates, i use to love them, had a m7/m8, htc10, left because if lack of support…

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