HTC U12 Plus unboxing

Where we ogle it in transparent blue.

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40 Replies to “HTC U12 Plus unboxing”

  1. yamil oguic

    Never leave the boot, u sink with it. SkyDragon is htc. Hahahha. Dragonesdenano i miss xda, also my team roms, still in htc m9 poor, diabetic and argentino. What else? Cheers and blessings

  2. Roti Boom

    I like the size of the u 11+ it is so nice to hold as a phone… The display make this phone cinematic. Altough it consider huge… The speaker is also awesone… Cant wait for the u 12+ hahahaha

  3. Cristi Soare

    HTC 12 comes packed with lots of useful features and a fantastic camera setup and of course with no NOTCH.What is great with the HTC devices now is that the prices of HTC U11 and U11 plus will drop and for those who don't want to spend big bucks on a new device the U11/plus will be an excellent buy because the HTC U11/plus are just still outstanding smartphones.The U12 plus is a beast among the 2018 flagships and I am sure it wil be on top because it check all the right boxes.

  4. Bishop6

    I've had HTC when they put out the evo all the way up to the 10. I was waiting for metal and headphone jack come back before buying another HTC. But this all glass headphone less this is a major letdown. Looks like I'll have to find another manufacturer. So sad to have to do this. Never again HTC

  5. Godzilla

    Especially considering HTC used to be big on audio and had that long standing partnership with beats (I believe they even had beats branding buds in some of their devices) it's a shame to see them ditch the headphone jack. The added functionality doesn't really make up for it. It's almost like manufacturers are doing it to save the money of putting a jack in the phone, and headphones in the box

  6. WhItE _ GaMeR

    The last thing u said is true. Htc make a lot of great phones but the sad thing is that almost no one buy them. They don’t have TV ads (at least not in Norway). I think that would be a smart thing for them. A lot of people is wondering what phone I have. When I tell them i got htc almost everyone don’t what htc is. I wish they were more popular…

  7. adem

    Looks like good phone but dam phones are so big these days soon we will carry a ipad as a phone lol … we already do

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