HTC U12 Plus vs HTC U11 | Hands-on comparison

We compare HTC’s new U12 Plus smartphone with the older U11, to see if this 2018 flagship mobile boasts better camera tech, specs, speed and features.

In our HTC U12 Plus vs U11 side-by-side comparison we show you hands-on what the difference is between the pair. Should U11 owners consider upgrading to the HTC U12+?

Check out our hands-on U12 Plus review and other comparisons. Full thoughts coming soon!

Read the full written HTC U12+ hands-on review here:

Correction: Contrary to information we were told during the pre-brief session where this video was filmed, the U12+’s 18:9 display sports a 2880×1440 resolution.

27 Replies to “HTC U12 Plus vs HTC U11 | Hands-on comparison”

  1. Adam Xyz

    U11 all way got it for $410 including tax vs 800-900 for the u12. No thanks not paying double for 20% performance increase at best and shitty haptic feedback buttons.

    Bye bye htc u deserve to die with your shit CEO and director team.

    If I was running this company it would be #1 incompetent morons destroyed it

  2. Sr. D

    If only they have put an audio jack it would be perfect, sd845 without notch and fancy curves on the screen or rounded corners

  3. James Cattanach

    Don't review phones you know nothing about. You talk about not being able to use other headphones. You can use whatever headphones you want. The phones come with an adapter. Don't really trust inaccurate reviews

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