HTC U12 Plus vs OnePlus 6 – Speed Test!

HTC U12 Plus vs OnePlus 6 speed test comparison!

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36 Replies to “HTC U12 Plus vs OnePlus 6 – Speed Test!”

  1. S.M.M Vigilante

    Fine… So I'm here with my *Unbiased*Conclusion though I might me quite a bit late. Disclaimer: I'm not Hating on this Channel. Take it as a Constructive criticism

    The comment section seems that this guy is biased towards The Oneplus 6 which is true don't get me wrong. He is totally a oneplus fanboy but he does not show that clearly until the end of this video check out at what he said on 5:25.( Dude if u want to roast don't copy marques atleast) Htc had made an amazing comeback with the u11 and now the u12 with no notch and it has an amazing screen well atleast better than the oneplus 6 and overall design is also better than that of the oneplus. Lastly this is my personal opinion ur might vary…

  2. Sejuani

    What a fucking idiot.
    U12 launches firtst then says "ooh so close cant tell"
    Both launched exactly the same then says "Oneplus right there"
    What an imbecile..

  3. Hythlo Daeus

    LOLOL when almost the same but u12 quick u say ooo so close thats a tie.. when close but oneplus quicker.. thats a win for oneplus. can u be anymore biased dude.

  4. Kartboarder22G

    I own a Oneplus6, and I'm saying a wash, basically the same thing, looked like some wins for the OP6, some for the HTC, but bear in mind I have the 8GB model, so OP wins!

  5. M V

    HTC screen looks sexier w/o that cheap and poor version looking wanna be iPhone X notch. I'm 100% sure HTC camera blows that fake iPhone X out of water.

  6. Uvesh Ansari

    Not that I am HTC fan but some apps loaded little bit faster on U12+ but you didn't comment on that as opposed to oneplus 6. Anyway, both phones are great at their price point and half a second faster or slower doesn't make a whole lot of difference in real world usage.

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