HTC U12+ vs Galaxy S9+ Camera Comparison Test!

Here is my HTC U12+ Galaxy S9+ camera comparison test! How does the HTC U12 Plus do vs the Galaxy S9 Plus? Watch this HTC U12 Plus camera test and let me know what you think! Full HTC U 12+ Unboxing and full review coming soon. What camera test do you want to see next? HTC U 12 Plus vs iPhone X? Team Galaxy or Team HTC?

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29 Replies to “HTC U12+ vs Galaxy S9+ Camera Comparison Test!”

  1. B Darknaess

    And now have fun with the HTC U12+ (or the U11 for that matter) using manual camera settings at night. None above. Only phone to take better low light manual shots than the Lumia-series.

  2. Kwaku Israel

    You let the fanfare get in the way. You're clearly biased for Samsung. Try focusing the shots on the U12 plus. Android Headlines had the real unbiased camera review and everywhere you found fault on the U 12 PLUS it shined on their review!! And the S 9 PLUS isn't one of the best cameras. The Huawei P 20 is the highest rated camera and the HTC U 12 PLUS KILLED IT and the ONE PLUS 6 as well. The LG G7 even has a better and higher rated camera than the Samsung galaxy s9. So stop with the lies. You are clearly biased and delusional Samsung fan boy.

  3. Kwaku Israel

    Android Headlines had the very best HTC U 12 PLUS CAMERA REVIEW. A TRUTHFUL ONE!! It kills the S9 plus and every other smartphone. It's the best in the business by far! Watch it yourself!!

  4. Balbisiana A

    One day we might see a review regarding the signal for phone calls? This is a phone right? I say this because some of the best hand sets out there are terrible in certain places where the signal is very weak?

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