Huawei Honor 8X – Another Great Budget Android Device

Huawei are bringing out some great devices at the moment. How does the Honor 8X compare to other great budget Android devices like the Pocophone F1 or the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite? What this full review to find out.

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15 Replies to “Huawei Honor 8X – Another Great Budget Android Device”

  1. Liam

    Really liking your reviews, Andy. I originally found your channel a while ago as I am also a fellow OcUK forum member & found your reviews on there to begin with. I opted to go for the Honor 8X today with thanks to your review, I was torn between this and also the Honor 10 lite but went with the 8X as the other was out of stock & only has 3GB of RAM.

  2. ConnieLong furrball

    if i use thyre game store will i get adverts constantly tho? interfering with the phone because it will get on my nerves otherwise? my current phone aPP store i downloaded wallpapers was hell AWFUL couldnt get rid of spam etc

  3. Ronn Ocfemia

    Huawei are spying on you. Andy, I got a Huawei Mate 20 Pro from Vodafone and EE and I needed to return them. Cameras were not very good, considering the phone has a lot. Finally, I got myself an iPhone XS, which is the best phone on the market by far.

  4. Paul in Ireland

    Samsung are actually number one… Huawei have relegated Apple into 3rd taking 2nd place… now Samsung are looking over their shoulder as Huawei close in on that number one spot .

  5. James Agg

    Also Samsung do a better job with updates tell me that while my S6 Edge is still on Android 7.0 and won't get any more updates these are security updates I would expect a budget phone to be on 8.0 lost my phones are 2 months behind including Moto and Samsung

  6. James Agg

    Judging by your example face recognition worked well I'm not sure what you mean by not as reliable is that pre conceived or based on experience as the experience there was exceptional I think what you need to ask is what other sub £290 device offers this perhaps

  7. Sean Q

    The Huawei p20 pro, mate 20 pro, p smart and mate 20 lite are huge sellers in the UK at the moment. I work for a UK network. There's no embargo on Huawei in the UK. America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have vetoed direct retail agreements. At&t and Verizon had carrier agreements with Huawei to carry their products but were pressured to pull out for alleged concerns about embedded spyware in the camera software. Absolute rubbish of course. The real reason is that briefly this year Huawei usurped Apple into second place in the smartphone seller's list behind Samsung. Apple is America's baby and their first company to achieve a trillion dollar valuation. So the cynic in me suspects it was a little bit of protectionism.

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