Huawei Honor 8x Max | Does it work in the U.S ? | LTE in U.S? Most frequent asked questions!

Does the Honor 8x max work for T-Mobile? Does the Honor 8x Max have LTE in the U.S? Does the Honor 8X max work with simple mobile or straight talk or Verizon or Sprint?! I am frequently being asked a similar question almost everyday. Soo i made a video so that it can be easier to find and answer all of these questions we all have about the Honor 8x Max. please sub and don’t forget to hit the like?button if you found this helpful in anyway whatsoever.

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Does the Honor 8x max work for T-Mobile?, Does the Honor 8x Max have LTE in the U.S, Does the Honor 8X max work with simple, mobile or straight talk or Verizon or Sprint,
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  1. Starralai

    For those in the US that buy this phone I'd recommend downloading all the themes from the huawei theme store that you could want before entering/registering your Huawei ID in the US as the huawei theme store is not available in the US, and huawei's emui 8.2.0 and 9.0 does not allow third party launchers such as CM and Nova. Google is banned in china so depending on who you buy this phone from if they do not install google for you a bit of research may be required to find the instructions to download an APK for google installer as I had to, if you search youtube for "how to install google on huawei 8x max" there are videos on how to do so. I received my 8X max three days ago and had to go through some trouble to get it to function satisfactorily. It was quite a learning curve as my previous huawei phablets were ready to go out of the box but I would buy this phone again, I got it through Banggood.

  2. Tyler Merrell

    Ok i dont know if this has anything to do with it, but im from North carolina and im thinking about buying the Honor 8x. It says it is JSN-L23. Is this what i want? And how can i make it work with straight talk. Sorry if you already addressed this i just want to be absolutely sure it will work.

  3. diego002 Boscan

    Im planing to buy this phone and i saw this video that said that it would not download play store? should i be worried about this?

    video title: Honor 8X| Do not buy this phone!

  4. Jest2Edu o-o-

    Hello, I just have the Huawei Honor 8x not Max and I live in California, however do you think it will still work on AT&T, Cricket, or Straight Talk Networks?

  5. Jesse ninjachick123 pagan

    You have any budget phone to pass my way going through a tough time right now haven't been able to do videos have no phone I'm using a tab and a old phone on wifi when I have wifi tablet right now good video why it won't work with t mobile t-mobile is GSM I know it work with metro by t-mobile

  6. Max Power

    Usually i buy things from overseas that don't appear over here that people have never seen because they sell a lot of cool electronic gadgets and other things that they don't sell over here, Such as the Power Add Bluetooth speaker, Aomais GO speaker, KZ audio earphones and Bluedio headphones. Keep it up, i just subscribed to you. ?

  7. Max Power

    Thanks, I have the elephone S8 and was very interested in that one but you are the first person to actually show that it works on the cricket att network. It's been so hard trying to get information on whether it works in the United States or not you've been a big help. So tell me how good is the camera?

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