48 Replies to “Huawei Honor 8X Max – First Look!”


    I have important honor 8x max from China and I am facing problem in using jio SIM in this mobile for placing calls I have to use jio voice for doin so. Also the sim toolkit is showing message "Not supported". Is there any way to resolve this problem?

  2. Ronnie Martin

    I really dig this way of review. Providing first impression just after purchase. There's just something very legit, very genuine about the way Frankie review his units.

  3. Jonas Petersen

    Hi Frankie ? can you confirm if the chinese version of 8X and 8X Max have Danish language ? It would be a big help as Huawei support have trouble answering it..

  4. Silentry1

    right now I have Huawei mate se had it for about 10 months now still running good! but god damn I really want this phone I mean I can find this the same price that I got the se for. maybe $10 more but I love bigger phones.

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