Huawei Honor 8X Max In U.S. after two weeks in-depth review

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The #Honor8xMax is a phone in the budget segment that surprised me in everyway possible. Here are my thoughts after 2 weeks or so of time with the phone.

7.12 inch display
350 ppi
16+2 MP camera
8 MP front camera
Full HD+
5000 mAH battery
Quick charge
Hspa+ on cricket (4G)
4G on At&t
This phone is blazing fast and with great battery and all around performance.
Complete review will come soon.

Amazon version supposedly works with metro PC’s
Check with seller.
Price $199-400
Sale on 11:11 on Ali Express
Find also on Amazon

50 Replies to “Huawei Honor 8X Max In U.S. after two weeks in-depth review”

  1. Rene Otero

    FYI: please note that I recently ordered and received the Honor 8X Max ARE-AL10 6G 64G RAM with Snapdragon 660; getting 4G service with Cricket Wireless in Albany, NY area. Ordered via Ali Express (HongKong VT Store); ordered and received in 6 days (from China!) via DHL. The phone is excellent with the upgraded chipset in this model!

  2. Hannah Strickland

    I've been thinking about getting the 8x Max for a couple weeks now. Worried about how it would work with US carriers and networks. I have Cricket, not sure who you use but how have you seen it perform here in the US? I hope it gets 4G/LTE!

  3. Sir Chaps

    How's the GPS on the 8x, preferably after 4 months?

    I'm using the 7x and it's a pretty good phone. But the GPS crapped out within 4 months, and that's a big turn off.

    Mobile data is weird as well.

  4. scotty77

    I think I figured out why some are having success with Cricket and others are not. This phone operates on only one (850mhz) of the two (850mhz & 1900mhz) high speed (HSPA+) bands offered by Cricket. And different towers use different frequencies/bands. So if the Cricket towers in your area are 1900mhz(band 2) then Cricket will not work for you with this phone.

    The same is true of AT&T. The only difference with AT&T is that they also offer true 4G at 850mhz instead of just HSPA+ (referred to as 3.5G and often just as fast). But again, if there are no 850mhz(band 5) towers in your area then this phone wouln't work there with AT&T.

    I don't know how accurate it is as far as where 850mhz is available as a whole but here's a link to a map of towers providing AT&T's 850mhz LTE.

  5. JOE Capello

    AT&T: Welcome to AT&T Chat. While we connect you to an agent, please share how we can help you today?
    Bran: Hi! My name is Bran. I'm happy to help! Please give me a moment to review your request.
    Bran: I can help you with that.
    Bran: I am working on this
    Bran: Thank you for waiting.
    Bran: I have checked and see that the device Huawei 8X max is compatible with AT&T
    Me: okay,and i will get full 4g service in NY area code 12078
    Bran: Yes ,I have checked and see that you will get the 4G services in your area
    Me: i will be using at&t service through bring your own phone sim card from tracfone
    Me: that is okay?
    Bran: Yes, it will work.
    Me: thank you
    Bran: My pleasure.
    Bran: If you have any queries in future you can call : 8003310500
    Bran: s there anything else I can help you with today?
    Bran: Is**
    Me: no nut thank you again,very helpful
    Bran: Happy to help! Thank you for choosing AT&T. We appreciate your business.
    Bran: Have a great weekend, Take care, bye .:-)
    Me: bye for anybody wondering,some useful info

  6. JOE Capello

    This phone is on the way to me but I still have time to cancel.CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS WILL WORK WITH AN AT&T SIM FROM TRACFONE?And does tracfone only use at&t on their sims or do they work off of guest towers too?I live in upstate ny and am worried about bad service,Thanks in advance!

  7. Ζ † N

    well i went to the cricket store, got a cricket phone, activated the new sim on it, reset the 8x max, and it still doesn't work. it's doing the excact same thing. i think you may have gotten lucky somehow, but i would strongly advise anyone getting this phone specifically because they think it will work on cricket to not do this. holpefully someone will make a rom for this and it doesn't just end up as another forgotten phone.

  8. Ζ † N

    hey buddy, the phone finally came yesterday, i've also got my cricket sim. however, the phone's rom is chinese, and there's no gfoogle play. i followed the google play install but i only get a white screen when i open it. what all did you have to do from unboxing to getting it on crickets network?

  9. Akshay Khanna

    Hey! Please help me with this phone. My h2o sim is not able to make calls after inserting in honor here in US. SMS and data services are working fine. Could u please help me with this one.

  10. Ζ † N

    dude, nice asmr voice. i don't like the micro usb and no wireless charging, but the 636 is a decent budget chip and the overall bang for your buck with this phone just makes it practical to own. i am considering this phone but scared about the compatibility with crickett, tmobile, etc.. an d if there's other model #'s of the same phone that aren''t us compatible that i need to avoid

  11. jimmybauer1

    Hellow there, like the video bro, but I need help on this. I want to buy the honor 8x but need to know if it will work on AT&T GMS network band. Actually my carrier is cricket and runs on LTE 4G network but since cricket runs or supported by AT&T it should work ok right. Can you please help me with that, I have know idea. Don't want to pay for something that eventually won't work with my carrier. I appreciate the help really. By the way, what's the difference between the 8x and the 8x max? Love to know. Oh yes, one more thing. you mention that you used cricket, did the LTE run up and how fast was it.

  12. Philip Brown

    How did you go about getting the Google apps on this? And you also said only cricket and AT&T you get 4G? So no gsm so the phone runs on mainly cdma then? I want to buy this phone I use verizon pre paid now but there picky and only want a certain list of phones on there network. I wouldn't mind switching pre paid carriers just wanting to know how good of service do you get running around. I know the device gas limited bands here in the US. I might just wait and see if they release a global version. Ice been waiting for a release for the US but with the problems that the govt and Huawei are having I don't think it'll happen. Thanks

  13. MxskedFxry

    Hi C Butler, I ordered this phone about 2 weeks ago and I use T-Mobile and say that it only works in 2g. Will I still be able to download games and apps when it comes in?

  14. Oscar Valle

    Really appreciate your time and effort put forth in this review!

    Does this phone have a background "Notification LED" that flashes a reminder when you receive a text message, E Mail, etc? If so, where is it located?

  15. adam clan

    Really wanting to get an honor 8x but heard that it doesn't work well on At&t. Any insight u can provide before importing one for my wife?

  16. Med Raj

    And about the camera i think it's not that good . If you can make a video full camera review in depth that would be nice . Also battery draining test on YouTube consumption . …. You know .

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