Huawei Honor 8x max unboxing in the U.S |First impressions

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The Honor 8x Max is an enormous phone that features a 7.12 inch display 16 mp+2 mp cameras on the back and 8 mp front shooter.
its running snapdragon 636 and a powerful 5000 mAh battery. Also Android Oreo 8.1, 64 Gb rom and 4 Gb of Ram. it comes it at around $244 but on 11/11/18 it will only be $199 on select websites which is a complete steal for is powerful in the mid range segment.

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  1. crystal lattimore

    We're actually I was trying to go to do AT&T but cause Cricket said he don't work for they service that's what they told me when I get him the the number that was on the box I need to say it didn't work for them but you saying put a SIMs card in there but I'm going to try to go with AT&T so where will it work the same way as Cricket for AT&T amp I just want to ask you my friend how to get those Chinese browser off of there

  2. crystal lattimore

    I know you say you had an international guy and came from China and mine's came yesterday but I cannot get the browser off of the Chinese the change it to English the song can you tell me how to do that and the phone they said it was not a lot but I tried Cricket but it didn't work so I'm just trying to see what you think can you give me some ideas

  3. Agøny

    Update : The device works on Straight Talk!!! All I had to do was switch to an at&t sim card they provided for around $3. Up and running great!

  4. Agøny

    You should make an in depth video explaining some things to do when you receive the honor 8x, such as installing play store, etc! just a thought! :0

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