Huawei Is Making Fun Of Apple And The iPhone X In A New Ad | CNBC

Huawei, one of the world’s largest smartphone makers, is taking jabs at Apple’s upcoming iPhone X.
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Huawei Is Making Fun Of Apple And The iPhone X In A New Ad | CNBC

40 Replies to “Huawei Is Making Fun Of Apple And The iPhone X In A New Ad | CNBC”

  1. freedomisle

    Yeah they are cheap. That's why I just picked up the Mate 10 pro for £350… A third of the price an iPhone XS! No regrets! I like Apple but I like my money more and Huawei are awesome

  2. Tyler Haddox

    Apple is already is 3rd place because of Huawei they're going to take over iPhone fanboys just going to say that's not going to happen it will watch they're right on Samsung's heels.

  3. antibiotic

    That is not calling make fun
    And this is not convincing and in the event of apple it did not failed that happen after you boot up your phone
    Its obligated to enter your passaord not face id fail

  4. Hao Li

    People we are poor or want to feel it make people think your rich buy Apple. People who don't like a hole in there wallet and care about performance buy Huawei.

  5. MrNoName

    Why so much hate out there. There’s celebrities, politicians, Youtubers, basically everyone out there throwing shade at each other. I just don’t see a point people are not gonna buy your phone because you shade Apple. Apple makes great phones no matter what anyone says they revolutionized smart phones. I am an Apple user I love everything Apple has made for my convenience but that doesn’t make any other phone out there superior or inferior. They’re all great phones. Samsung’s, Google’s, Apple, even huawei I’m pretty sure. There’s no need for hate if you like Samsung go for Samsung they’re beautiful too. If you like google go for google. I don’t understand why people fight over phones ITS JUST A PHONE.

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