Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Apple iPhone XS Max: first look

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the first phone to match Apple with a 7nm chip of similar power as the Apple A12 Bionic, it is the first phone to offer fast and reliable 3D face recognition as the iPhone, but then it brings something more to the table with a much larger battery, the fastest charging ever put on a smartphone, an exquisite design, an extra, ultra-wide angle camera, and advanced AI chops to glue it all together.

So let’s see how the Mate 20 Pro compares to the iPhone XS Max in detail.

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44 Replies to “Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Apple iPhone XS Max: first look”

  1. CC B

    I have a question, sorry I am not very techy. Apple has a lot of iOS updates and it was mentioned that this phone can handle up to five years of updates. Does that mean the Huawei Mate Pro 20 won't last as long (five years) since it doesn't update as often?

  2. ian walker

    I prefer the aesthetics of the mate 20 pro, the max looks a little cumbersome and is very heavy. But the Mate pro looks extremely modern and sleek. I am very integrated into the Apple Ecosystem and would find it difficult to move over android full time, but if i did move over at this present time, then the 'Mate' would definitely be my phone of choice.

  3. Bugatti Boss

    My next phone is gonna be Huawei. Went from Apple to Samsung and still not satisfied. Picked up a Huawei recently and felt a connection. Apple and Samsung are monopolies who overcharge for their phones because they could…until now! Huawei is honest in their pricing and their innovation. Best bang for the Buck without doubt!

  4. Moaaz Khalil

    Really I don't care about those comparisons as in hands use is personal preference , for me after trying all brands nearly , iPhone is my phone forever , lastly I got the max the brilliant phone

  5. Dylan Power

    Why is there a chin. My Xs max has no chin. Why do all androids have chins and iPhones don’t. It annoys so much androids have useless chins. Just why

  6. holet

    I have the Mate 20 Pro and I can say that the face ID doesnt work half the times. so I wouldnt get it if youre in to the whole face unlock thing.


    I absolutely love this phone !!>>> I wasn’t planning on getting it but when I saw it in person and played with it my jaw dropped . Absolutely amazing !! Super easy to use . I thought I wouldn’t get used to not having the home button , the thought scared me but it’s super simple to go back home. The screen is huge! The battery life is super long . Super clear videos , and the pictures WOW Amazing!!!! I love it !!! Best purchase ive made!!

  8. Azxter

    Apple Phones: Can be sold by trading your apple phone to a new phone in a way cheaper way
    Huawei Phones: Cannot be sold + Must instantly buy the phone with a higher price

    Apple wins this challenge 😀

  9. SM 200

    No not good for face id so bad try to look left and unlock it it will unlock easy and my bother younger than me 4 years and he unlock it easy so mate 20 pro sooooo fake

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