Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Apple iPhone XS Max | You Know Which One You Want. But Which One's Best?

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This is a Strait Comparison between two of the best phones of 2018. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro. And Apple’s iPhone XS Max.
Unbelievable Performance from both. But which is best?

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Apple iPhone XS Max | You Know Which One You Want. But Which One is Best?

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42 Replies to “Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Apple iPhone XS Max | You Know Which One You Want. But Which One's Best?”

  1. TheCorne87

    Switched from iphone xs max gold to mate 20 pro twilight today! No regrets what a stunning piece of work huawei has build… Fast charge fast chipset higher ppi 538 with the much more reslolution it has. By far is the mate 20 pro the best phone u can get at this moment so take ur chance people!

  2. Andrew Marshall

    I just got the mate 20 pro a d finding it difficult to move over from apple the keyboard for typing I think apple is way superior
    Listening to music on the mate 20 is not great compared to my old iphone 7 plus
    Speakers not great either mate 20 pro very low compared to apple
    The camera on mate 20 pro blows iPhone out the water.
    Can't u derstand why apple just don't give us a perfect camera like the mate 20 and then I'd be super happy as I use the camera a lot
    But right now can't justify my switch from iPhone and seriously thinking about using my 14 day cool off period to return and get a new iPhone
    Even typing this out has been a nightmare the keyboard not responsive enough and can't keep up with rate I type unlike iPhone

  3. Ameer Ali Ouarda

    The iPhone does not have a Super AMOLED display!
    The iPhone X, XS and XS Max display are best OLED displays on any smartphone.
    The Super Retina display is entirely designed and engineered by Apple, not Samsung. Although sourced by Samsung.

  4. tao wang

    I’ve had it about a month now and am loving every minute of it!! People are just to picky anymore and don’t know how to properly use a phone.>>> The Face ID is lightening fast and so is the processor. Screen is amazingly bright and vibrant as well. Camera is awesome as well! The design is Very sleek!

  5. Abdul Qureshi

    iPhone Xmas wins except the price. I have one and I throughly enjoy it. The sound is amazing. It feels a bit heavy if you hold it too long, say for reading. Overall I don’t think anything out there beats it for quality.

  6. Izurero/Jezreel Dinong

    My Opinion of which one you choose (So dont go toxic mode typing there, replying to me, like Apple is still best, Huawei Phones Sucks!)

    If you like Photography, Display, More Features and Media = Huawei Mate 20 Pro
    If you Like Performance, And Much more Secured Phone. go for = iPhone XS Max

  7. Hampus Hägg

    iPhone XS max worth 800 dollars but costs 1560 dollars while the mate 20 Pro is worth 1100 dollars and costs 1113 dollars. That is what the price is for them in Sweden converted to dollars.

  8. Julien Lindauer

    The Xs Max has an ugly notch, a fragile glass back and lacks the headphone Jack. Its facial recognition system can be fooled with twins. And it costs over 1000 $.

  9. Philip Kelly

    I'd deffo go for the huawei mate 20 pro, i seen about 10 reviews comparing these 2 phones, I've multiple reviews on here and the huawei mate 20 pro beat the iphone max on all occasions, has far as geek benchmark scores go they do not tell the whole story, the huawei has proven that plus it's packed to the rafters with features, to me apple as failed to be innovative, everyone as caught up and are pushing the envelope, i use a samsung myself, I have no loyalty to any brand, huawei is within my sight as far as my next phone will be, if a phone is better in my opinion I'll go for that phone, if that happens to be a Sony, Nokia, Samsung, oneplus or huawei, so happens that huawei stands out for me and I'm sure it will be improved on next year.

  10. leo caiafas

    iPhone obviously won!!?? better at 4K video.. bigger screen… better speakers…more stable for years!!? all other phones are for children!! iOS for grown ups !!✌?

  11. Buffalo Lodge

    Very informative video! Although I have been a big Apple enthusiast in the past, the fervor has all but dissipated. Judging from what I've seen and heard about Huawei, I will definitely look at their products first the next time I'm in the market for a new smartphone. Too bad that in the United States the Mate 20 Pro is unavailable due to political reasons. You can find them on Amazon, but without a warranty. The truth of the matter is that the United States just can't compete fairly on the open global market. Therefore, we resort to political tactics like sanctions and tariffs. This just ends up hurting the American consumer. If America was truly an open and free society, we wouldn't have these restrictions put upon us.

  12. Tommy Lindberget

    I'm looking for a new phone, went to the store and checked out both. Just the feel in the hand, iPhone wins by far. It actually feels like a $1k phone. Also that clunk when you switch the mute button. Mate 20 screen looked fantastic, but not sure I like the curve, pics looked excellent though, and that wide angle will be so handy. Left the store just as undecided as I came

  13. Rachid Bou Jaoude

    Good job huawei. I fix smart phones. Highest qaulity Gpu cpu etc goes for iphone. Samsung very good quality. Choose the the smart phone that you like the most. Go forward huawei.

  14. TheM275

    All the comments show how bad android sheep can be.:. Everyone saying the Mate 20 is a better phone. You know what specs would say so and it has every feature and the kitchen sink. But the thing that pisses me off is if Huawei is so “innovative” why the fcuk does it look like an iPhone???? Similar notch, similar features in the ui… If I want an iPhone I’d buy an iPhone! At least Samsung are doing their own thing.

  15. Lilin CHEN

    ditched iphone quite a while ago, cos i figured out i have been stupid and silly to pay top dollars for an average phone and trapped in itunes and keep paying Apple my hard earned dollars. so from now on, huawei all the way!

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