Huawei Mate X HANDS-ON

Real Hands-On Review and First Impressions with the new Huawei Mate X. Subscribe for more ►►►

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31 Replies to “Huawei Mate X HANDS-ON”

  1. Jeromes knowledgenet

    You techies gotta do some research on 5G it's a military hardware and can be used as such. Tastes why their trying to sell it to us as the future altho it's been used for about 2 decades now. It was used in the original gulf war in 1991

  2. Fredrick Willie

    wooooooow??… Huawei have outdone themselves this round… that device just looks lit ??… the concept of just having a foldable OLED screen is just amazing… cant wait to get my hands on it ??

  3. Fahad Naqvi

    instead of making phone foldable kindly make your screen stronger and battery life last longer. world need strong phone with long lasting fast charging battery. folding is shit.

  4. Channel

    Hauwei stealing samsung tech like a pro… they should all be locked up!!!

    By the way this pos folding phone folds to the outside, and is floppy with a huge crease!!! JUNKY AF!

  5. Teo Slemenson

    Expensive and the wobble… but watch it be the mainstream kind of smartphone when it gets cheaper… I think it's genius and sexy, congratulations Huawei

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