Huawei Mate X – The FOLDABLE 5G Smartphone

Huawei Mate X First Look and Hands-On with the first foldable smartphone from Huawei.
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The Huawei Mate X features an 8 inch flexible OLED display, is 5.4mm thin, Triple Leica Cameras, powered by the Kirin 980 with Balong 5000 modem for 5G, 2 in 1 power and fingerprint button, 4500 mAh Dual Battery and 55W Huawei SuperCharge (85% in 30 mins).

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38 Replies to “Huawei Mate X – The FOLDABLE 5G Smartphone”

  1. dom obertein

    i like the huawei more. i think the galaxy fold looks like an uglier ipod thats also trying to look like your tv remote with the length of it and the ipod-like notches

  2. Mark B

    I'm waiting for a 5g and a fold-able screen to be under £500 (cash) before my next upgrade, I really have no need to upgrade anytime soon, Smartphone wise I feel spoiled like I'm not sure if were not near pinnacle of phone technology?

  3. Ben

    You as professional, and responsible for the life of many you at least should know about the health concerns and political environment around 5G. Just not speaking about that is not just ignorant but harmful.

  4. BluesBo

    Huawei is shit the screen is not protected camera is bad 3 cameras only and the software is general is EMUI so it's really bad Samsung is way better safer and more slick looking and better to be honest. Huawei is like beta of Samsung that's a fact that will never change as an Apple fan to be honest I would recommend Samsung 100000% sure

  5. mocochang

    That screen looks so cheap, my god. The back screen looks terrible. This outward folding design doesn't look premium at all imo.
    Besides, that screen is made of plastic and is exposed at all times, so you just know it's gonna get scratched all over pretty damn fast.

  6. 那吉

    south korean mobile phone will explode. and koreans have a very bad attitude towards handling events. note: Sumsang note 7. Choose Huawei or Apple.

  7. 123456 123456

    I still like Samsung fold better. It's just the quality is better and it looks fashion and it's easy to put in pocket or use one hand to hold it. Very convenient! And it doesn't have any privacy concert don't have to worry someone might possiblely spy on my phone content. Samsung fold is the best choose to my personal view for sure!

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