Huawei Mate X vs Galaxy Fold – Which Is Best?

The Huawai Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold are competing for folding phone dominance. Huawei has taken a different approach from Samsung opting for a design that allows for a larger display in fold mode. Which design is more compelling to you? The Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X?

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48 Replies to “Huawei Mate X vs Galaxy Fold – Which Is Best?”

  1. Bruce Kent

    First off I gotta say these comments are fucking amazing. I have been cracking up for the past 5 minutes reading them. Second….Samsung bro, what the hell? Why couldn't they have just done that? When I looked at the Galaxy Fold video before this the only thing that just kept urking me was why the hell is the screen not met to fit the size of the phone when it is folded? And then the Mate X went and did it. I think Galaxy should postpone the Fold for now until they get that part right.

  2. Yiben Cheng


  3. Irene Radeva

    I would actually like to "downgrade" to a smaller display for a day-to-day use and have it bigger whenever I want/need. I was not realising it until they announced these. I have a note 9 and as much as I'm in love with the display sometimes my eyes and brain just can't handle it 24/7 😀

  4. Spud0701

    My concern is not the price but phone protection? If I drop it will the screen break? Any screen protection? Tempered glass that bends? Ijs. I wouldn't buy these phones for that reason only. Nice to look at I will say though.

  5. William James

    The Huawai phone folds the screen on the outside of the phone, so it looks like it's susceptible to being damaged bumping it on things. The Samsung folds the screen onto the inside.

  6. Lyle

    samsung fold is better. more premium design, front facing camera on the big screen, faster processor more ram, better price and better software

  7. Channel

    Hauwei stealing samsung tech like a pro… they should all be locked up!!!

    By the way this pos folding phone folds to the outside, and is floppy with a huge crease!!! JUNKY AF

  8. ryantube

    If you drop the hauwa whatever tf it is you scratch the center of your large screen…. with a phone with noc case option at the moment that's not good news.

  9. Dominga Brown

    Sorry but if you're not mature enough to take a hat off when you're talking to people why should we even listen to your opinion?
    If it's because you are losing your hair, then grow a pair and accept it, if you are not then show respect for your audience.

  10. B Sayed

    I am not going to buy anyone of those but for those who are looking to buy I advise galaxy Fold.. 2 of many reasons to buy this are its less expensive than Huawei and 2nd very important is if you drop huawei either side it will break the screeen.. where as drop galaxy fold you still have some chance of not breaking screen


    Samsung's design is more practical. These screens aren't made of glass so they will be prone to scratches. A display that folds inward will be better protected. Also the ripples where the screen folds will be less noticeable on Samsung's device due to the screen being stretched out when open.

  12. Charile.K

    I think Samsung wins hands down. The book-like folding system is much better for use and possible scratches. And as he mentioned Samsung's just seem more robust. You can see the top notch tech put into it with the hinge. And it's much cheeper. I don't even think this is a contest.

  13. Harilala Vamanrav

    Samsung has a better rep. Gotta go with what's been proven. I'm curious to see how a phone case would protect these phones. The Samsung phone would be better protected because of how it folds. I think Samsung went with the smaller screen to keep costs under $2k because the concept is so new. I plan on buying a folding phone, but many of my peers aren't interested in them yet.

  14. Vijay Juyal

    I like the huawevi because it has bigger display but if you wants to use mobility you should go to the Samsung as it has smaller display when folded

  15. Mikhail Curley

    I'm just worried on protection. You need to get a phone case and how are you going to put a screen protector on each screen and how will the protector case will go over each phone.

  16. John Dillinger

    2600 ? LOL !! F it . I’m gonna take out My Motorola Razor from storage and just use that 🙂 I’m done with phones worth more than 500 dollars . Let these companies loose in sales !

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