Huawei MateBook 14 Review: A Quality 14" Ultrabook … With Some Quirks

Huawei’s MateBook 14 features a simple, clean design with good quality audio and most of the same features as its big brother, the MateBook X Pro. However, some minor quirks, such as the lack of Thunderbolt 3 support, odd webcam placement, and a lower resolution display, could be turnoffs for some users.

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35 Replies to “Huawei MateBook 14 Review: A Quality 14" Ultrabook … With Some Quirks”

  1. Fabien Berdah

    I don't really get where this one sits compared to their laptop line, but so far, I'm really enjoying the Matebook X Pro. It's a solid device, it runs well, the screen is great… Kudos to Huawei!

    And thanks for your reviews, again, they are great!

  2. Torjus HT

    Can't find this Laptop for sale, only the 13" seems to be on sale in Scandinavia. Haven't found any information if it will come out either

  3. Alex McCaffrey

    Huawai are only controversial because the USA government doesn't trust the Chinese government and the perceived risk of what could happen. Huawai haven't been caught doing anything though. Nothing.

  4. Mark Davenport

    Huawei Share is not Apple-esque enough. AirDrop works without reliance on big ugly stickers (thank you for the tidbit about this feature not working if you remove the sticker — I might have made that mistake), and works from any iOS device or Mac to any other, with any type of media, all over the operating systems. It works with batches of photos, for example, sent from your friend’s phone to yours. It works with documents, no cloud sync required. It works with media files in a pinch. It does not try to build extra (confusing) functionality like recording the screen of your Mac remotely, since you can already do that with QuickTime built into MacOS. Also, Apple has other continuity features built in like Continuity Camera, which lets you snap a photo on your iPhone and stick it right in a file you’re already working on with your Mac.

  5. Mo A

    I wonder if Huawei is working on a 2 in 1 version, that would be sweet deal for me, 14inch roughly… even though they are trying to do their own thing, but the company is stealing a few nit bits of design here and there from Apple and Samsung, but i assume each company at the moment doesn't have their own identity. Generally i don't have an issue with this, it is a global company as to others.

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