Huawei MateBook X Pro TESTED! Should You Buy It? | The Tech Chap

AD – A detailed look at the 2020 Huawei MateBook X Pro – their flagship thin & light laptop with new Intel 10th Gen Processors, Nvidia GeForce MX250 and stunning 13.9″ 3K Touchscreen! So what’s it like to use? ▶ Check out the MateBook X Pro

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45 Replies to “Huawei MateBook X Pro TESTED! Should You Buy It? | The Tech Chap”

  1. The Tech Chap

    Hey Chaps – What do you think of the MateBook X Pro? (and hands-up if you'd like to see the X Pro with AMD chips!)👌

    UPDATE: The X pro is not compatible with the Huawei M-Pen/Stylus.

  2. Ron Rutan

    I have a Huawei matebook pro X, had a slight jar- dropping maybe a foot from bed to thick carpet, wouldn't think it would've done much damage but it's now completely "dead". I only get a single flash of the power light when I hit the hard power on… No screen, options etc. I've found little to no information about how/where to go about repairing.. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

  3. J Bol

    No mention that this laptop is as slow as laptops were 10 years ago due to the terrible thermals and power throttled CPU? It's the worst laptop of it's class by far, lovely aesthetics though.

  4. Gg Ko

    Late comment i know but i hope you could give me feed back… whats your take on the security concerns with this laptop ? Are these issues resolved in terms or security flaw Microsoft had found.. i want to get the 2020 x pro but im put off somehow due to the security concerns

  5. Roula Attiah

    I'm a video editor so I do a lot of editing and I am considering buying this instead of the Matebook D15. Would you consider the Matebook X Pro suitable for video editing? If not, which laptop would you recommend for video editing?

  6. Dev705

    After 1 year of using huawei matebook x pro, i recommend no one to buy this piece of S**t.
    this machine tend to run very hot in general, and the fan is very loud

  7. Orson Cart

    Huawei forget the improved share,get the gloosy screen sorted out and produce it with an anti glear matt screen. It's a car with square wheels,the gloosy screen is horrendous!

  8. Lee Watts

    You lost credit with me when you say a SOLID RANGE IF PORTS. You kidding me. My 5 year old laptop has 3 xusb 1 hdmi 1x 3.5mmjack 1xcd/dvd drive 1x sd card slot. I mean it embarrasses the ports on here and most modern laptops

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