Huawei MatePad Pro Review – Best Android Tablet 2020?

Huawei MatePad Pro Unboxing & Review! This video is my official unboxing and review of the Huawei MatePad Pro. Camera, battery, gaming on the Kirin 990 chip, display and much more all covered! Whatd do you think, best Android tablet 2020? Video comparison vs the iPad Pro coming soon!


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Valid until 30 June. T&Cs

More Product info here:

Disclaimer: This video was sponsored by Huawei, but all views were my own.


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43 Replies to “Huawei MatePad Pro Review – Best Android Tablet 2020?”

  1. Jan Clierinck

    Hi! What phablet would you recommend? I had two Asus Zenpad8 and was happy till my last one broke in my back pocket during a bad fall. I prefer 8 or 10 inch phablet with cellular incoming and outgoing call function. Prefer also a good camera. Thanks for your advice!!

  2. Ste Pilkington

    Avid viewer of your channel
    Im not usually a commenter just enjoy the tech reviews however…
    I read some reviews that claim that the mate pad 10.4 and mate pad Pro do not stream Netflix or prime in HD or above definition an can only stream in sd…. I'm in the market for a tablet upgrade and this wud be a deal breaker as I stream quite a bit and I have the Huawei t5 tablet and p30 Pro both have Google so no issue but I want to remain using Huawei and lack of Google is no issue….. Can u shed any light on this for me

  3. Dr. TNT

    Thanks bro!This type of IPad with incredible storage,high premium quality,This is really useful considering its battery life.Now I hope it's cheap in my country! 🤣?ok See ya!
    P.S new sub,incredible explanation in 8 minutes than others who take 20 minutes.

  4. Kevin U.K.

    Best Android Tablet? Are you kidding? Samsung Tab 7? Tab 6? C'mon. It's great to be enthusiastic but…
    How about a side by side review?
    Adding: I have both a 10" and a 12" tablet. For general productivity the 12" screen is superior. I think this whole area of note phones and tablets get's to come down to individual preference and style of use.

  5. incediery

    what I appreciate is you didn't just dismiss this hardware because of its lack of google services…and I was pleasantly surprised that Huawei app gallery isn't as hobbled as other reviewers make it seem…almost all of the major social media apps are there

  6. Sofia Penxova

    hi we use iphones we like ios my daughter have ipad mini 2 but we wud like to buy to her new Tablet she is 9 years old she love drawing but iam not sure whitch one is best tablet for her ipad pro 11inch or samsung tab s7 or huawei matePad what do u recommend to me tks

  7. Jiri Svejda

    guys don't be afraid of missing Google services on Huawei. there is a ton of tutorials on YouTube how to install playstore. I bought matepad pro and the first video I found worked. I also remember using third party appstore where all apk files were (even paid games) so there is always a way to get your favourite apps installed and up to date.

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