Huawei Nova 5T LCD Replacement | Huawei Restoration Phone

Hello Guy ! This Video we want to show you about Restoration phone and rebuild it new. This device is huawei nova 5t it is crack the screen but don’t worry because we have spare part for replacement, for the LCD it cost 65$
and touch glass only 28$. The LCD is Resolution as old LCD

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27 Replies to “Huawei Nova 5T LCD Replacement | Huawei Restoration Phone”

  1. JKordero

    Thank you so much. I saw another video and the guy use a heavy stuffs and machines. You made the video looks very easy and then I did it by myself and was able to remove the broken screen without any issues. I connected the LCD again to check the cell still alive and turned on and show screen so I just need a new one and install it. Thanks dude!

  2. Iori Clone-09

    I remember the day I sent my 5T in Service Center. The problem of my phone is screen burn so they changed the frame, fingerprint and screen. They told me the screen replacement should remove also the frame but in ur video only screen u replaced. Im amazed to ur skills.

  3. Jared Tyler Gaming

    Well on service centers they just remove the main board and they replace evrything execept for the back cover now i understand why cause its really bloody when you remove everything

  4. Ems Gaming

    Does anyone can help me? My nova 5t front camera turning into bluish when adjusting to higher brightness and it also has a light inside which I believe it is the brightness that affects my camera. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  5. Iikka Konola

    This is nice video but the workmanship looks really sloppy! You have nice tools and all but why do you have to use excessive amount of oil in the initial opening process and why you have to splash that glue all over in the end :<

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