29 Replies to “Huawei ONLY WANTS Apple.”

  1. Michael Aunor

    is it U.S. style to spy on the other countries? stop the paranoia we are in the open information age. It's just the mainstream media trying to control everything thru their fake news.

  2. Kamil Skalny

    Seriously, is there any EVIDENCE that Chinese chips are 'spying' on us? Because when CIA says they does than I refuse to believe it. It's after all the same Agency that provide 'evidence' that Saddam Hussein has a 'weapon of mass destruction' 😉

  3. biggerdaddy123

    Huawei selling 5G Modems to Apple: A possible Trojan horse to get back (sooner) in the U.S market. First the Huawei Brand is partially back through their modems. Later, eventually, they can sell their phones, etc…
    Whether the Huawei brand is to be trusted or not, that is another story.
    Do the engage in industrional espionage ? Do they collaborate with the Red Government ?
    Are they becoming too powerful ? Do we overlook signs and facts, just because of the tech they make ?
    I guess, Everyone can make their own assumptions and have their own opinions.

    However, we know they come from a country where Democracy and Freedom of speech are not on the everyday agenda.
    The more they get, the more the rest of the world loses. And the BALANCE is vital.
    In the end, There is responsibility in the customers choice too. It all comes down there.
    As in every purchase we make, we need to be educated and look at the bigger picture.
    Our actions always have consequences. At least we have the Freedom to choose and to speak out.

  4. The Watcher

    We all know what happened to Apple and Qualcomm… Apple is worth trillions again… XR is the best selling iPhone… Smartphone sales worldwide is slowing down so it’s not only Apple struggling in smartphone…

  5. Tim Chan

    Do you have any solid evidence on spying? Any software code found? Any hardware evidence? On the other hand US companies like FB and Google take a hell of a lot of personal information from us and God knows WHERE they go.

  6. Heli City

    A guy brainwashed by American propaganda on all things bad Chinese make poor reviewer. Huawei sell its gear to EVERY country in the world except U.S. because the Trump gang banned it. You don't see all these countries worry about being spied on by the Chinese government. That's 7.2 billion people. Why do the U.S. government so worried about Huawei especially 5G – when no other do. Because Huawei refused to install NAS backdoor software into their gear. And thus break its massive spying and hacking on the entire world. The more Huawei gear is installed in the world, the safer is the world.

  7. Karl Johan Lea

    10 years ago Apple sued Samsung for violating their patents. Now Qualcomm is suing Apple for violating their patents. What goes around, comes around right Apple? Should've spent more time and money on R&D and Apple might not be in this position.

  8. Clement Siby

    We are always to assume that the Chinese will do the spying with their technology, what guarantee do we have that other manufacturers have not been doing this, especially Americans who have military bases everywhere? it's a scary world indeed.

  9. Lashen Resh

    If huawei gives their technology to apple or not its just pure business. Apple pays huawei so nothing big. Just like Samsung gives the displays people say Samsung helps Huawei but they didn't they just sell them . But with this the unqines of those brands would eventually disappear.

  10. Ken Rose

    Iphones contain US Spyware. Huawei will NOT allow US Spyware to be installed on their phones. Do you think that Uncle Scam (big brother) has been spying on you since 9/11? Huawei hasn't because they really don't give a damn about what Americans think or talk about.

  11. Lim Wiching

    Possible Apple have to use Huawei 5G modem in 5G Iphone for some country market specially china for better compatibility, telco from 30+ country already choose Huawei 5G solution.

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