Huawei P20: A Complete Guide

Huawei’s latest flagship phone, the P20, is a feature-packed handset rocking EMUI 8.1, a fantastic dual-lens Leica camera and sleek design work. Our complete Huawei P20 guide features a quick unboxing, followed by our in-depth review. We show off the best features in our tips and tricks segment, while the camera review compares the standard P20 to the plush P20 Pro model.

For everything you need to know about the Huawei P20, look no further! And check out our coverage of Huawei’s P20 Pro and P20 Lite for more on the rest of this 2018 smartphone generation.

50 Replies to “Huawei P20: A Complete Guide”

  1. Anna Mauro

    Can I ask what everyone's problem with the headphone jack is? The adaptor is included, you can still use your headphones ? sure you can't use them while it's charging but how often does that even happen

  2. Alec Adanglao

    The one and only channel that does full on features instead on talking about top 5 hardware features which i could just read on gsm like jeezuz i know it has an 845 im more interested on what it can offer, 4k recording, face unlock, 960fps slowmo etc

  3. CrisURace

    i just want interface to be "night mode" and i can't find this setting..i saw the p20 pro has it in the battery setting …………is it hidden by any chance to another place??? No, i don't want inverted mode…i just want dark mode for interface…I can see the phone from this review it has it how i like it. Pls help, LUL.

  4. Singer Dex

    Where's the flippin' headphone jack?? What happens when I want to connect to an amp?? I can use the included adapter but can't charge at the same time! Stupid idea.

  5. Renan Duarte

    Great video! I really think about buy this smarphone. I'm undecided about OnePlus 5T or Huawei P20. I don't care about processor or performance. I just want a good camera and selfies! I see many reviews and tests. Both phones have a good primary camera, but int my opinion OnePlus 5T have a best front camera. Huawei makes the face of people look like puppets in selfies. The p20 have this problem? Help me, please.

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