Huawei P20 Complete Walkthrough

Huawei was kind enough to send me a Huawei P20 to test out and so I figured I’d try and do one of my complete walkthroughs with it and go through every feature I could to help anyone who might be curious or thinking of buying one. Here we go.



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28 Replies to “Huawei P20 Complete Walkthrough”

  1. abdelrahman abuelnaga

    A great and informative video
    I myself like the complete walkthroughs because i don't alwazs have the possibility to try a mobile that i am intrested in unless a friend already have it. Regarding going over things that are common in a lot of mobiles like the same Android version, I guess it would be more than enough to make a separate video about it and put out the link to it on the video insteadof going over it every time you review a new mobile.

  2. Beáta Koreny

    I would do one video per OS (version specific) then add it to the end if there are any device specific function which is available in addition to the standard os

  3. Raven Rhyme

    I kinda like this P20 mainly for the size 5.8" but no OIS and that front fingerprint sensor, I can live with that not the shaky video, make this perfect Huawei, I will wait..

  4. Lina Wali

    I'm actually waiting for mine. I ordered this phone and I didn't know how it works or how it looks like irl so thank u this may be the best phone

  5. Jake wood

    only problem I have with the p20 phone is if you drop it you're not going to get it repair locally like the iPhone and Samsung
    you can pop in to your local phone repair shops in the uk with your Samsung apple replace the screen within an hour.,it's not going to happen with your P20 you're going to have to sent off .,trust me if you drop that it is game over

  6. Rab Warren

    Great video thanks. Really comprehensive info about the camera functions which was really important for me. Good length of video.
    Too long and I tend to switch off a bit. Nice

  7. RaskolnikoffAnna

    Thanks a lot for this video! I am now convinced I want p20 over a few other phones. I think it would be awesome if you could make a complete walkthrough BUT break it in parts. This would also allow you to speak less quickly (unless you simply like it). I am for one interested in more day to day use stuff like making phone calls, texting options, Word, music, admin panel, dual screen, adjusting volume while still locked etc. Some of these features really disappointed me on my current phone and I wasn't expecting they can actually go wrong.
    Anyways – grease video, thanks a lot!

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