Huawei P20 lite vs Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 – Speed Test!

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47 Replies to “Huawei P20 lite vs Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 – Speed Test!”

  1. Tech Space Review

    Loyal Samsung Fans From This Video Will Buy A8 2018
    Loyal Huawei Fans From This Video Would Buy Huawei P20 Lite
    Normal People Buys Apple
    Cmon Samsung And Huawei Fans Let's Beat Apple

  2. LukaTheSlav

    You guys gotta take into consideration that this is not really a scientific test since he could just ever soo slightly press on the other phone before the other one. Also are you really going to notice a ms or 2 of actual difference which isn't even 1 sided but both open some stuff faster or slower. Like geez. If the speed of opening aps is gonna determine what phone your gonna get just buy a nokia brick literally geez

  3. Mochamad Dzaki

    This guy is 1 point smarter than any other tech/gadget youtuber. He turn off windows animation sclae, so what the devices perform are really the app opening speed, excluded the animation cause we know every UI has their own animation and the speed. Good job 👍

  4. RNG Chxng

    Omfg ur so retarded if u think that huawei p20 lites shit. The lite aint a motherfucking gaming phone u cunts. You can still play games but its slower and graphics are low.

  5. flowergreeeeed

    For people who don't need phone for killing time, gaming, web surfing and other stuff… Go for A8. Quite reliable phone with long lasting battery and beautiful aesthetics. With medium use it's battery can last up to 3 days, and maybe even more on power saving mode.

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