Huawei P20 Pro & P20 Review – 1 Month Later!

Matthew Moniz review of the Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei P20 one month later. There’s a lot of great things going for this smartphone but there’s a few bugs that need to be fixed. Watch for the full review!

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Camera Comparisons:
P20 vs P20 Pro –
P20 Pro vs Galaxy S9+ –
P20 Pro vs Pixel 2 XL –

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46 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro & P20 Review – 1 Month Later!”

  1. Thor of Asgard

    Comparing an superior android based phone with an iOS junk ?! WTF. I were expected to compare between both phones.
    "Better software experience" ?! WTF ?! Please compare the "software experiences" LOL !

  2. Paul Tasker

    Even if they were the same price i would still pick the p20 pro for it's more compact size. Had a mate 10 pro and it was simply too big. Kept nearly falling out my pocket. P20 is much more manageable. Just about acceptable in terms of size though 5.5 inches would be nicer still. In low light this is my best camera. I compared it to my proper cameras hand held and it won hands down. In good light it isn't far behind. Brilliant considering lens size. Battery is superb. Notification I had to enable some apps for manual battery management and fixed it. Vibration motor a bit week and call quality slightly muffled. Reception great. Overall great value at 400

  3. Kevin Rabie

    My tab was less then $100 so I upgraded to the p20 TBA with the 128 gig of storage the fact that it has no SD card slot isn't a complete deal-breaker for me the no headphone jack is something I will have to get used to but at least mine came with a USB to headphone jack adapter

  4. JSmith

    you are active promoting thief to pillage western wealth, and use the wealth to steal more and more and threaten everyone around the world.
    unbelievable stupid

  5. Kween jade

    Thanks so much! This is really helpful for me as I'm trying to decide on a new phone. Thanks for a great and very detailed review. You have gained a new subscriber.

  6. Potenti4lz

    I thought I was going crazy! My P10 sometimes doesn't give me all of my email notifications and sometimes SMS notifications appear hours or a day later… so weird.

  7. BebéTechManiac 2018

    You didn't mentioned that the night shots of the P20 Pro beats easily the iPhone, any iPhone. It combines 4 pixels into one big pixel, allowing it to capture more light. It even beats the S9+… The variable aperture couldn't help, winner in low light, P20 Pro.

  8. scouse2606

    This sounds amazing, I was sold on them in the store at Vodafone, but they were all reserved for orders so my order wouldn't go through, they use them for their personal store mobiles, looked great, but alas due to that I took the option of the sony Xperia XA2, and believe me it's poor, has it's good points but it's so difficult to use and the snooze on the alarm doesn't work, and silent mode is more awkward as it's built in to the do not disturb feature, very sensitive at times and the proximity sensor doesn't work all the time, great sound etc although not noise cancelling headphones either, but yes, the 4k HD feature is also terrible, bit early for 4K HD on Phones IMO but…these Huwawai' look amazing, gonna try and convince my wife to swap her IPhone 7 for one instead of the really expensive X she want's instead…thanks for the review you've convinced me just like others, that I should have waited for them to deliver me one, My S6 was perfect compared to the Sony…patience is a virtue friends. ?‍♂️

  9. Ace Denied

    WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? P20 pro has worse display than the S9+ or iphone x? are you blind? S9+ and the X were TOOO bright and not as good colors and sharp as the P20 pro

  10. Ian N

    "glad" to hear the Netflix thing isn't just me.

    Strangely, some videos go black and another wont. So, I'll watch one video. Turn it off. Go back to it and it's black. Close that session, open it up a new video with a new session, and it will be fine. It's so weird!!!

  11. Sindre Over-Rein

    Huawei p20 pro best flagship phone so far. With iPhone x's huge price, it should be a far more better phone than Huawei and samsung. But it isnt. ONLY the display…. But ofc, iPhone users dont even search after other phones, they see a iphone in any store, and then buys it because everyone have it…its all about status. #hateapple

  12. VapeOnCRL

    Bro i have to say, this is by far the best review i saw on the P20. Im buying one and this review told me everything i needed to know. Good job!
    Cheers from Portugal

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