Huawei P20 Pro Review After 10 Months – Still Worth it in 2019?

Huawei P20 Pro Review After 10 Months – Still Worth it in 2019?
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44 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro Review After 10 Months – Still Worth it in 2019?”

  1. adri dell

    "Still not ideal" Yeah well some of us are already happy with 300$ phones, I don't feel the need to upgrade my phone every 6 months just because it got superseded or some other phone as an even better camera or 10% more performance and I definitly do not consider my phones obsolete after 10 months, this unending race to better phones only helps consumerism to increase, we have come to the point were half the people don't even use half the features on their phones and were some people don't even need fast phones but they buy the latest iphone xs max, this is becoming ridiculous making videos to say if after not even a year a phone is still worth it, what's next ? In 5 years we will be re-reviewing phones after 2 weeks to say: hey there is a better phone coming this week, so well I guess this one is no longer worth it, so yeah that's it for this vid, just upgrade to the new flsgship for only 1500$ and see you next week to see if this phone becomes obsolete too, bye! Oh and btw I still don't think this phone is "ideal" so guess you will have to continue spending your money because we are gonna make you feel like you are never satisfied long enough and so you need to continue throwing your money to us, thank you…


    Auuchiie come on guys. This Huawei P20 Pro are good. Even I use Lenovo A850 for a 5 years, it is still good and acceptable. The ram is only 1GB but it still can browse on internet, play YouTube and play games like Unkilled, Free Fire, Dead Trigger and other high demand games. It is a lil bit laggy but still manageable. So, this phone can last for a long period tho.

  3. Jose Sibrio

    Fucking trump and his bullshit banning huawei phones from xaca usa…then what ..were left wuth samsung junk phones and apple shit…and all those chinese cheap junk…give m a breakkkkll

  4. Faisal Hanif

    I have used iPhone for 5 years and Samsung 7 years and now I'm using P20 pro since last 7, 8 months. I can simply say this is the best phone I have ever used since Samsung speed goes down by time and iPhone is not user friendly and low battery life. This P20 pro is a complete package phone when it comes to battery life, camera, speed, performance and best looking phone. ?

  5. Jose Sibrio

    I li the fingerpring location…i think thats the way phones gotta be…because fingerprint on back its ridiculous….and on front you can use it as navigation also

  6. Evilblackmonkey

    Highly considering getting the P20 Pro cos it's much cheaper here than Mate 20. Still got a few months left before I buy it but hope it'll still be great till then!

  7. Centaur Montano

    I have this p20 pro and the p20 light. Why does the pro screen white tint seem to be yellowish than the p20 light? I've tried all the color settings but seem that the light has better colors. Anyone?

  8. BlackSeals81 on Youtube

    Nice Video, i have the p20 pro since november 2018 and it was the right decision for me to get this phone and not the mate 20 pro! You was saying the wright things and yes 1080p videos very smooth but 4k u need a very very special hand but still sharp and okay for me! Photos awesome with KI ore not! Still one of the best you can get with much Funktions!
    And yes every new smartphone brings new things but if everyone need it? Cool Video ?

  9. Bela Deak

    Got the regular Emui 9 update. No beta and it SUUUUUCKS. The most annoying is the volume controls now beeing displayed on the side of the screen instead of on the top and the iphone style "current apps" screen is so horrible. God. I have gone back to 8.1 with HiSuite and im gonna stay here. Oh and of course i love this phone, but the missing headphonejack is a daily annoyance, that i dont believe, but hope will be fixed and brought back on the p30 pro

  10. meme_weeb_boi

    Yo lad I have a Huawei p20
    Sometime when I'm watching YouTube when I want to exit the app I can't and the hole phone lags and I need to restart my phone
    And solution for this problem?

  11. Eric Liu

    If the price difference between P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro is more than 25%, P20 Pro is definitely a good buy. If the price difference is small, I think you should opt for mate 20 pro.

  12. H IH

    I just updated my Huawei P20 Pro to Android 9 and man there's a big difference; the new version is much faster in loading apps. I can hardly see any lags that I used to see earlier on the Android 8…..Clearly Huawei did a very good job with the latest firmware…

  13. Seks Masheen

    Amazing phone BUT 4D predictive focus is not working on mine… I mean the orange boxes that appear when you take a photo so it wont be shaken are gone. Anyone experience the same thing???

  14. diiviineputo

    Had my p20 pro since Nov. The problem is THE FINGERPRINT SENSOR IS NOT WORKING. Who does experience it too? I know its not the hardware cause the fingerprint option in the setting its missing too. Nevertheless everything else still amazing. Performance and battery life is still excellent ? think need to wait for new update hopefully huawei will fix this soon.

  15. maxwel wayne

    This is absolut phone, i borrow my freind 1 full month, this phone so perfect, but to bad the price so high so i can't afford it, but overal this phone is amazing,perfect,and super.

  16. Joe O Sullivan

    I picked up one of these a month ago for £250. It had only been activated in September, and the charger still had the plastic on it, so I don't think the phone was used much, if at all (you have to take off the plastic to pull up the pin to plug it into the wall ).
    I've dropped it several times, no bothers. Once on concrete, while drunk, and the camera decided to take multiple photos of me bending down to pick it up. lol!
    On my most recent charge I got 6.5 hours screen time, over 4 days, and still had 33% battery left.
    I've probably taken about 1,000 photos, in all sorts of situations. Camera is amazing. Love the monochrome camera.

    Things I don't like:
    The headphone volume is not as loud as my old LG G4.
    The phone is a bit slide-y, but I suppose most phones are nowadays.(don't put it on the arm of a chair)
    Some options missing like a proper "duration" for Do Not Disturb., Eg, silent for 9 hours. It only seems to support "time of day".
    Minor issues though. Love the phone.

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