Huawei P20 Pro Review After 5 Months and Huawei AppGallery Experience!

Huawei P20 Pro Review After 5 Months and Huawei AppGallery Experience!
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32 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro Review After 5 Months and Huawei AppGallery Experience!”

  1. Sohan Konar

    My Honor v10 with the same chip is running strong, never ever stutters at the slightest. Always lasts a day. Super fast charging. Pretty good camera. Low light struggles tho

  2. M. Musa

    Some people just know iphone, they don't think of anything else; and they would rather pay five times the price to acquire iphone to get the same functionalities

  3. John Caban

    Would love to get this phone but they have to fix a couple of things. First, fix the video stabilization in 4K and make the beauty mode be an option instead of a default. Even when you shut it off it still makes your face looks smooth which I hate. Make it look like the Pixel 2 and show the "REAL" details of your face.Lastly, make it work 100% with Android Auto. This is why I sold my Mate 10 a couple of months ago. Huawei is the 2nd largest seller of phones so this shouldn't be a problem for them!

  4. Lord Ren

    Since the update, AppGallery appeared in my apps and cannot be uninstalled—not even disabled!! The icon will stay in my Huawei forever. This truly sucks, Huawei….besides, Paladins Strike is already available on the Google Play Store. Makes me want to change mobile. Hate those business practices. Way to shove an AppStore down our throats…

  5. Kaz Venson

    My personal experience after 5 months:

    If the battery gets down to 10% it goes down extremely quick. Having a simcard also uses more battery life.

    If you restart the phone, the auto brightness will be enabled. So you always have to put it off manually.

    The difference of loudness between the volume being on 1 and 2 is huge. Basically from hearing almost nothing to quite loud. (This is just a minor thing that annoys me)

    Only had 1 weird and unfortunate experience where I was taking pictures and afterwards the camera froze. It didn't want to open at all. Had to restart my phone.

    Although I've mentioned the cons about the battery life, this phone is still one of the best flagships with insane battery life. It lasts a full day of heavy usage. Not to mention that I haven't even enabled the "Ultra power saving mode"

    Again aside from the cons with the camera, it's really the most impressive I've had so far. The colours are vibrant and the zoom quality is amazing.

    The phone is really smooth and responsive. No lagging at all and the fingerprint scanner is really good.

    So far this is still my best and favourite phone. Considering I've had Samsung, Sony and LG. Huawei did a good job with this.

  6. Dado D.R.

    Display is crap(outdated 1080 pentile matrix),worst amoled ever,bezels huge,fingerprint on the wrong place,freezes so often( netflix, google,redit),this is not the best camera,every picture is overexposed,skin is plastic,it takes eternity to take that famous night photo,there is pin bug on so manny devices( correct pin,but phone is still locked),chassis is squeaky,back glass is not gorilla(so manny micro scrathes).Comparing to my lg v30 is unfair,v30 is multimedia monster compare to p20 pro( besides camera, v30 is better phone in every single category.

  7. simon b

    I have had mine the same time and I am so so impressed with it.. Was my first Huawei phone as well.. The camera is brilliant best on the market for me.. Battery life decent.. Like you said I have had 4 updates as well.. Been one of my best phones I have ever had..

  8. Ron

    When I bought my P20 Pro, I was actually going to buy the Mate RS but it was out of stock. After several months of usage it continues to preform like a champ.

  9. General Zubbis

    This phones battery began deteriorating already after a week. Drops like 1% every minute. Keep in mind I have not downloaded anything but instagram and Snapchat.

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