Huawei P20 Pro vs iPhone X Speed Test & Camera Comparison!

Huawei P20 Pro vs iPhone X Speed Test, Speakers & Camera Test!

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Test covers boot up, specs, games and apps opening, AnTuTu benchmark, speakers, fingerprint/face ID scan, multitasking, camera speed, front camera, rear camera (in low light).

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34 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro vs iPhone X Speed Test & Camera Comparison!”

  1. JACK Whisky

    After using my HUAWEI for 4 months there are some features the P20Pro has while the iPhone "?" hasn't.
    I use those features daily, and very convenient. So I want to share with you guys.

    split screen/multitasking
    (use it everyday driving, one side Gmap one side other apps, Google voice command so drive safe )

    scrolldown full screen capture
    (Super useful capturing full webpages, shopping list, articles and so on)

    IR blast remote
    (To turn on my AC, speakers,monitor, classroom projector, messing with my friends PC and other stuffs)

    4000mah battery with 22.5w super charger
    (It's already really fast, however buy a Huawei car plug and be amazed how fast the charging is while driving)

    Huawei Share wirelessly sharing files with PC/Mac
    (Connecting my phone wirelessly with every PC/Mac if I needed to, turning my phone into a wireless 128GB flash drive )

    P20Pro uses Type-C OTG to directly read/edit files from any USB flash drive
    (So that I can read/edit files from any flash drive given to me, with my phone, on the go….)

    NFC functionalities
    (NFC tags, Gpay, Tap to enter my gym, tap-to-pay transit passes etc.. I only take out my wallet while being asked to check ID )

    other features such as Leica cameras, screen ratio and so on needless to say.
    This is my first Huawei Phone, after using iphone for almost 10 years, now I totally refresh the perspective regarding smartphones. Long story short, I've never been happier with my P20 Pro.


    The iPhone X sounded tinny as hell, so glad I have avoided that brand not even a glorified music player anymore with that sound quality the P20 pro sounds way better no extra reverb just clear sound

  3. Milko Youbinguila

    The same. Aple can put all that in is phone too, that is just detail , samsung have is style is about the style. Aple is aple wuaiwai is wuaiwai and samsung is samsung no best.

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