Huawei P20 Pro vs RED Cinema Camera

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42 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro vs RED Cinema Camera”

  1. Александр Семенчук

    Не, полезный видос. Расставляет все по местам, а-то базарят вечно, мол зачем платить за камеру, у меня телефон есть. И да, я знаю сколько стоит ред. Но здесь показано тотальное доминирование.

  2. Taimoor Khan

    It's a great video. Of course there's no way a phone camera would come close to a professional cinematic camera but it was great to watch just how much of a quality edge a professional camera has.

  3. FX

    Wow people ask for a test and now i see shit loads of fuckin poo dung being thrown at you… people are dicks. Thank You for the upload and time to make this test!

  4. Joe O Sullivan

    1:23 "..definitely a lot more detail in there"? Huh? The Red looks blurry! The P20 Pro actually looks better in about 50-60% of the comparisons. I know the Red shoots raw, and the footage will look better after processing, but it certainly doesn't look better out of the box.
    I don't think it's fair to say the Huawei looks oversharpened either, since it IS 4k footage, and there's no halos or noise or anything. Why would you shoot 4k if you're not looking for sharpness?
    I know the Red is better (I'm not stupid!) but I'd prefer a lot of the Huawei footage if I didn't have the option of post processing. But this will almost always be the case anyway, when comparing preprocessed images, or video, to raw.
    What I mean is that in this video you seem to be excusing the lack of sharpness for the Red because it's shooting raw, and then slamming the Huawei because it's "oversharpened".
    That said, I always slap my friends up side the head whenever I find out they're not shooting raw..

  5. Insultez Moi

    Its always magical to see the image being darkened and having information in the over exposed zone. This is crazy, RED camera are not camera, those thing are just really fast burst image taking machine.

  6. newmediadesigns0de

    to compare these both things makes no sense…… compare a skateboard with a car…. and uhhh…. the result is, that the car is faster….. really??? just a video to get klicks

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