30 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 – Speed Test!”

  1. 005 Boxer

    A8 is good for its price in my country. I dont notes the mili seconds of faster loading when i use my phone so thats why i think a8 is worth buying it.

  2. Nintendork

    It's sad the A8 2018 got such a pathetic gpu, g71mp2, for being a semi "high end" phone from samsung.
    CPU is fine
    Screen is fine
    It should've come with a G71 MP6, MP4 would be just okish.

  3. Muhammad Safi Ullah

    A8 2018 is mid range device around 300 pounds p20 pro is flagship around 750 pounds as for comparison you are getting just shit from huawei for additional 350 i mean wtf is wrong with huawei what i am suppose to do with fucking 40 MP when the screen can't show true resolution of 8 MP

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