20 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Speed Test!”

  1. محمد خاتمی

    This speed test was fake s8 must be rooted and overlooked to reach this kinda speed I have s8plus it's perfotmance is garbage lagging too much on android oreo I have no photos or videos I have 28 gb free storage but it's extremely laggy BTW I don't use sd card just games which is not too many exinos is a garbage . guys if you don't believe me go and download Open CL_z from Google play and install that app u will mali g71 drivers are too old it's version 2.0 essentially there is version 7 it's on ARM site after android 9 I will root and install adreno gpu drivers on it ,( go>root folder> system > vendor> lib> egl.) Way to install new drivers if u sure about ur knowledge do it , after one reboot it will work , the results are see able benchmarks will be higher .u can download new gpu driver adreno or evry gpu u perfer (adreno one is better ) from XDA.COM I mean xda site .

  2. Владимир Гавриков

    Сука, бесят такие долбаебы, которые пиарят китайцев, да видно же, что ты сука всегда быстрее на хуйвам нажимал, и такой типа " уу, хуйвам быстрее "

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