Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Camera Review! | The Tech Chap

Which has the best Camera? Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (S9+)? I compare Photos, Selfies & Video to find out which smartphone has the best camera. Buy S9+ US: | UK: – Buy P20 Pro | UK:

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50 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Camera Review! | The Tech Chap”

  1. The Tech Chap

    Hi Chaps! To answer some of your questions…

    1) I left it at 10 MP as this is the phones default setting, has the best stabilization and you can zoom in (you can't when in 40 MP mode), it also uses 'light fusion' aka supersampling to combine 4 MP into 1 in the default 10 MP mode. But it's good to have the option of 40MP if you prefer the look of those photos.

    2) both phones are left in Auto mode (most people use it this way), but the P20's fancy AI will auto adapt camera settings to the scene, e.g the Eiffel Tower pic is shot in auto mode, but it automatically switched to Night mode (for long exposure) and that's the pic you see in this vid @4:12

    3) all P20 selfies were shot at default 24 MP (not 12, i wrote that incorrectly) Cheers! ?

  2. Student Life

    It honestly depends on the person for which phone is best. If you're the kind of person that doesn't record a lot and does more photos, night shots, zoom-ins then the p20 pro is for you. If you're ok with not have that exceptional zoom in capability and rather have good instead of really good for photos as a swap for better video recording capabilities then the s9+ is for you. For me. the p20 pro is more of what I'm looking for so it wins in my books but not in everyone's books.

  3. m ld

    samsung and vivo phones can not key in name by mr it show unknown number, if key in mr h ,,you can find that contact under h ,and not under m

  4. Jeremy Lopes

    I have a P20 Pro. First disappointed, regretting not getting the galaxy S9 plus which takes the best pictures in my opinion. But then I tried pro mode 40mega photo adjusting only ISO and the result is SOOOOO much better than regular 40mega on normal mode with all this silly sharpening. Plus the zoom is incredible and nothing beats the night mode. The P20 has larger battery, I don't play demanding games and my headphones are Bluetooth, a memory stick solves the problem of storage and I believe a curved screens like in the galaxy can break more easily and more expensive to replace. (Put a shortcut to access and delete raw 76MB images and just keep the converted ones).

  5. Tiago Mian

    Even my Z5 has OIS at 1080p120 and still looks fantastic on 4k30. That's a shame that the P20 produces soo good photos with soo bad video recording.

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