Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung S9+ Camera – In-Depth Comparison!

Which has the better camera? The Huawei P20 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S9+?

I review the photos with various modes (Auto, Portrait, Night Mode) + OIS Video Recording.

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45 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung S9+ Camera – In-Depth Comparison!”

  1. 神Kamui

    Imo the p20 pro does similarly good pictures as the s9+, the s9+ clearly wins video.
    However, if you don't shoot in auto mode and you get the right settings, the p20 pro outperforms the s9+.

  2. Martin Nyström

    When a see the s9 camera i start to undo that i bought the Lg v30 a little bit. Just a 11 days old phone… But anyway: my phone have everything u can wish from a smartphone 2018 ? – Not so expensive phone. ?

  3. marklola12

    for anyone interested Huawei have confirmed there will be NO update to stabilize 4k video, just for people thinking that it will, I knew it wouldn't because the old processor can not handle it

  4. ZeX

    Dude…that night mode completely kills the colors of the grass and the tree at the left. Samsung did a better job in low light. That night mode is a joke. It takes 5 secs to render the image, you have to stand very still and it still kills the colors, while S9+ does it in auto mode like it's nothing.

  5. WGACA

    9:55. Not very consistent in your judgement. You call the P20Pro more what you see with your eye, yet the shot of your garden you don't say this about the S9+, while it clearly is the case. Also I think you are confusing having more detail with oversharpening. Stabilization also definitely wasn't better on P20Pro. Try 4k stabilisation and see which one is more stable.

  6. WGACA

    Everything from blur to color looks so unnatural on the P20Pro. Also, it is way oversharpened. Night mode colors looks really bland and dull as well.

  7. andyH_England

    Samsung fans are really hard core, even though it is clear the p20p is a significantly better camera phone, the reviewer prefers the camera on the s9p! If your choice of phone was based on the camera then the p20p is the clear objective choice, simply offers far more. So it would be better for the reviewer to say that the p20p is a win for the camera but he prefers the rest of the Samsung package, and as that is subjective, I cannot argue with that, though I disagree. Samsung need to step their camera game up as they are going to find themselves out of the top 5 camera phones for 2018 as the year progresses, less of the “camera reinvented” marketing spiel, more leading the innovation than the new mandate of chasing changes, waiting for reactions before they take risks. Samsung are late on parade for stereo speakers, 6gb RAM, 256gb ROM, dual cameras, 4000mah battery, 3D Face ID, etc. They use to lead the way in the important stuff, now they concentrate on Bixby, DeX, ARemoji, stuff no one really cares about. Interesting to see how well the s9 sells this year as already I am more impressed by the g7, p20p and op6 and with many others coming to market in the next 6 months the s9 is really going to be hard to justify even with the astonishing price falls it has made in the short time it has been out!

  8. Frank Doorhof

    Jpg on the p20 pro is actually pretty bad.
    Use it on pro mode and raw and it will be an amazing camera. Nightmode is also very nice but sometimes a bit oversharpened as the other jpgs.

    I hope Huawei pulls down the sharpness in a firmware update very soon.

  9. XtraDreamLantern17

    This is why every phone manufacturer needs to add an option to shoot photos in Portrait Mode using the main wide angle sensor! Yes, there are some distortions, but in low-light it looks so much better with great colour reproduction and details. What's the point of having a secondary sensor if it becomes completely useless after the sun goes down, anyway?

  10. Martin Nyström

    I'm really surprised that S9 is so much better in some parts. I mean: The P20 PRO've 3 cameras on the backside: 40, 20 and 8 mpx cameras. And the S9 Plus two 12 mpx. But despite the big difference, Samsung's images are surprisingly sharper and more colorful in some pictures

  11. Garret141076

    Video stabilisation on P20 only works at 1080p 30fps. No stabilisation in 60fps or 4k mode.
    Image quality is also not so good on P20 Pro. So for video recording it's not recommended.

    Still photography is good especially if you like a little bit over processed images.

    For more in depth comparison go to

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