Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung S9 Plus!

Huawei P20 Pro Twilight vs Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ / S9 Plus smartphones full comparison – including battery, triple leica camera, display, charging speed and more!

Will the Huawei P20’s new camera setup enable better quality photos than the Galaxy S9+? Or will the S9’s Dual Aperture help it take the win? Fins out in this full comparison!

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48 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung S9 Plus!”

  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    After watching the Camera comparison section of this video, which camera do you think wins? Huawei's "Revolutionary" Triple Camera? Or Samsung's "Re-imagined" Dual Aperture Camera? ?

  2. Jeremy Lopes

    I have a P20 Pro. First disappointed, regretting not getting the galaxy S9 plus which takes the best pictures in my opinion. But then I tried pro mode 40mega photo adjusting only ISO and the result is SOOOOO much better than regular 40mega on normal mode with all this silly sharpening. Plus the zoom is incredible and nothing beats the night mode. The P20 has larger battery, I don't play demanding games and my headphones are Bluetooth, a memory stick solves the problem of storage and I believe a curved screens like in the galaxy can break more easily and more expensive to replace. (Put a shortcut to access and delete raw 76MB images and just keep the converted ones).

  3. Gokul Krishna

    P20 pro could have put their fingerprint back instead of a button. They decided to put notch design and a home button which makes it a lot ugly in the front

  4. Allen Robert

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  5. Carlos J. Hernández R.

    One of the problems of the S9 is that it has practically the same design of the s8 at least with Huawei you can tell the difference from the P10 to the P20. And not to mention that both models of the s9 have the same screen resolution and same battery capacity as the s8 … put zero effort in certain things.The S9 is a remodeled S8

  6. drzoidberg1

    If you don't like the colour pop/saturation of the P20 Pro, change the colour profile to standard. It will take more neutral/flatter pictures similar to the S9 and Pixel.

  7. DiamondBanana DB

    huawei p20 pro is the best option for teenagers but the samsung s9 feels more for the business men. this is only my opinion. for me the p20 pro wins my money. and by the way great video Mrwhosetheboss, gave me more information then the others.

  8. Lightspeed Gaming

    Some of these points are crap, you can change the settings so that you can have a drawer for apps and so they're not on the homescreen, turn off the notch on the P20 Pro and you can turn off the beautifier on the Huawei so you can barely notice it

  9. Hugo Nabais

    I don't own any of those, but had both phones in my hands and 8.5mm vs 7.8mm and 189gr vs 180gr, does not make the P20 SUBSTANTIALLY SLIMMER AND LIGHTER as you said at 0:33, in reality it's a very small difference!!

  10. Anita Wiqvist

    In my opinion:
    S9 pros:
    -more popular (yes, it counts, because it makes it much easier to find accessories and other things. I've had the iPhone 5c, and every store I went to would practically act like it didn't even exist)
    -more usages (don't know how to phrase it, but there is more things for me to do with the phone)
    -really good camera (not really priority, but still counts)
    -no notch (I don't hate it, but it's definitely a plus if I can avoid it)
    S9 cons:
    -more popular (it's also a con, because it makes it harder to recognize the phone among all the other black Samsungs, because if you don't look at the size, the latest galaxy phones pretty much look the same)
    -slower charging, compared to Huawei for example (what's up with that, Samsung?)
    -difficult to hold (because of the edges mainly; my brother has the s8 and he complains about this all the time)
    -difficult (for me) to use (while there are a lot of usages, I'm not "techy" enough to understand them all, which makes me feel like I'm not using it to its fullest potential and that I just as well could have chosen any other Android smartphone, like Huawei which I'm more familiar with)

  11. John Norris

    But why all The comments about the Missing Headphones Jack? Blue tooth speaker / Headphones are Readily Available at a reasonable Price. My J. V. C. ONLY ABOUT £20.00. SO NO PROBLEM THERE. OK???

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