33 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro with final version Android 9.0 Pie (”

  1. 1LauchGHG

    With the update, it is no longer possible for me to add a to do sign in the notes. I had a list with much to dos and now it's no longer possible

  2. Marco Di Maggio

    On P20 pro with Emui 9 i didn't find option to set geotagging to save battery or to have a better precision. I didn't find the video stabilization and the camera lens AR

  3. M M

    Atleast with Samsung when the Android version changed Touchwiz changed a little too. You atleast had the feeling of having something different in your hands. Emui doesn't seem any different from the version we have now.

  4. Aamer Mushtaq

    Please for GOD sake tell me when huawei p20 pro update on 9.0 please please if you not tell me i broke my handset and leave used of huawei mobile AAMIR 03122663867 PAKISTAN

  5. Euraque 323

    Greetings if you are so kind to answer me this question I saw your battery of P20 Pro and I observe that 97% gives you 49 hours, instead in my P20 pro I have to 100% and gives me for 14 hours has a problem my device or can be? I would love to know your answer greetings.

  6. Dominik Grbac

    Hello, I have a Huawei Mate 10 pro and I live in western part of Europe, and I still didn't get a emui 9 pie update, could you please give some piece of information about when will I get android pie update. Thank you!

  7. Ken Chen

    Dear @huawei device, have you see the news about xiaomi will give they xiaomi MI A1 update until Android pie, if you will not give update to p10 lite den I will change my mind for change using xiaomi and found a lot of bug on this oreo version and I'm so unsatisfied,if you will not give update until pie version den baaaaaaaiiiiiii

  8. Christo

    Sick of Huawei and there shitty update system, its an absolute joke beyond belief.
    Then you have funky Huawei charging over 100 for there updates.
    Smells like Huawei own funky Huawei if you ask me.
    Funny how firmware Finder died.

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