Huawei P20 Review

And this smartphone costs hundreds less than the Huawei P20 Pro.

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44 Replies to “Huawei P20 Review”

  1. JoaKimzen

    It looked nice and I really thought about getting one before you said "There is no headphone jack on this phone".

    I'm getting the Honor 10 instead. It's basically the same thing, but It looks nicer and is a bit cheaper.

  2. Rickybobby 1

    I love how every video on this phone. They all say one of the cons is the fingerprints on the back but I would think that probably 80% of us uses a phone case

  3. Theo Haywood

    Does this phone have the gestures navigation or will it come with an update when the phone updates itself because i have the p smart on a 12 month contract and I'm planning on getting this phone next when my contract ends.

  4. superarsenal009

    I have a Galaxy S5 with a 16MP camera. P20 has a 12MP camera. Does that mean my S5 has a better camera?
    Also, S5 has Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
    P20 has LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
    Does this mean S5 also has a better display?

  5. v4ll5

    In my country I could get the p20 for around $510USD or the Nova 3 for around $407. Wich one would be a better option? I feel they are very similar and it may not be worth it to spend the extra $$$ just for the Leica cams. Suggestions?

  6. Dumb Idiot

    I need help… which phone should I get Samsung s8 or P20? I am not sure which one is better… I don't care about the headphonejack I have Bluetooth headphones

  7. jamesgjt

    i go with phones with a 3.5mm headphone jack, so i go with samsung.. they proven rhat the plug doesnt take up much spaces.. and u dont need a dongo….

  8. Nazar

    I went to buy this phone .i was willing to look past no 4k 60fps or stabilization….. but 1080p 60fps also has no stabilization option AND is half as smooth as my note 8. I'm hoping it's a software issue they'll fix but if anyone is planning to buy it, plz test this out. Hope it helps

  9. Vu Le

    okay, no 3.5mm jack will be the main reason for me to not getting it. I dont see a reason for paying ~$700 premium and still have to carry an adapter around like it's 2002 nokia

  10. Wonsuk CHO

    If u wanna get the exactly same experience of fb did tracking ur personal information, huwaei do this for u for the great leader and the country lol

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