Huawei P20 review

The Huawei P20 is the Chinese company’s 2018 flagship: a £599 device with specs and features to rival the best of Samsung and Apple, along with a very familiar (albeit somewhat smaller) notch.

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23 Replies to “Huawei P20 review”

  1. KingOwen HD

    This phone is overshadowed by the pro, this phone is just as good but just a few things that it doesn't have, still an amazing phone and still at a decent price for a 2018 flagship

  2. Grainne Molloy

    I was going to get an iPhone 6 but now I'm getting the Huawei P20 because I don't want to be stuck with a crappy phone it's going to cost me €500 which is fine I think it's well worth it and for 128g of storage space in Midnight Blue

  3. Si gi

    previously for me not having a headphone jack was a dealbreaker but not anymore , the lack of headphone jack means you cant charge the phone & use headphones simultaneously however this isn't necesarly a bad thing, listnening to music can be rather addicting so not being able to charge your phone while using headphones can maybe help eleminate that kind of addiction.

  4. christschinwon

    Love this phone. Only issue is taking accidental screenshots when trying to press power button to sleep. Tried a couple of double tap apps but they're hopeless!

  5. I'm Khan

    i prefer P20 over P20 Pro not because of the price but because of its size more easier to handle one handed. so i can compromise on missing some features. this phone is perfect.

  6. bushyconn

    Almost convinced me. And then I thought. Why can't I have all the features of the bigger phone in a smaller footprint. I dont want a bigger phone, I can hardly get the smaller phone in my pocket and would gladly do without some P20 features for the enhanced camera, stereo, waterproofing etc.

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