Huawei P20 Review – A Solid Flagship Smartphone

Huawei P20 Review – A Solid Flagship Smartphone
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Correction: the phone does not have dual speakers system but the sound quality is very good!

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49 Replies to “Huawei P20 Review – A Solid Flagship Smartphone”

  1. mariamarcial1

    Hi Linus, I love your phone reviews, they're easy to watch and you're very clear about all aspects of the phone! I've just upgraded my phone with my network and for my budget they offered me the p20 or the Samsung S8. I took the S8 but now I have looked at it I dont like how narrow it is. I prefer the size of the P20. I also heard that the battery life of the S8 is pretty mediocre. Could you give me some advice on which phone you think is better and why? Thanks!

  2. AnaDMTL

    I'm about to buy a new phone and can't decide, since well, I have a tight budget but need something that truly last. I am between this phone, (the Huawei P20) and a Samsung galaxy Note 8 since its price went down dramatically after the new models came out. Can you guys help me decide? has your P20 last up until now? and how long does the battery last with regular use?

    thank you in advance

  3. Mike Hunt

    After watching this, i subbed to you. i like your videos brother. also im thinking to buy this phone. do you think i make a mistake buying this instead of p20 pro?

  4. Ritu Bhatnagar

    Urgent : Can you help me choose one of these cellphones especially for video shoot Huewei p20, Iphone 7, Iphone 6s plus , samsung s8 thanks for ur help and happy holiday everyone

  5. PunisherBBB

    I was looking for a new phone, and I have found very interesting thing
    that p20 and honor 10 are almost equal phones by specs. But which one is
    better value?

  6. Rab Warren

    Brilliant video review! 7 hours screen time sounds great but I wonder how that is divided between general app usage and watching streamed movies? My iPhone SE manages 46 mins of streamed video before the 10% warning comes on!!

  7. KaskyOnTheBeat

    Should i go for this one ? It cost 550 € and this is the max i can throw, im searching for a phone with a kinda big and screen with nice colors, powerful and im mostly searchin for a phone who takes great photos. Is this one the best i can get for this price ?


    Thanks for the great review of P20?My kids youtube channel will be using it,because currently we are using SamsungJ5.Please subscribe also to our channel.Many thanks and more power.?

  9. Lukie Cartier

    Just got this phone for $210 CAD. Oh yeah, sick ass deals in Canada on some phones. Using it to replace Essential. Don't expect a huge difference, but new is new.

  10. LOL gamer

    Huawei p20 or s8 plus? Battery life is very important for me and camera aswell. Im bot planning to upgrade in 20 years so I need to get atleast 3 years out of the phone. What do you suggest?

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