Huawei P20 – Top 5 Features!

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The Huawei P20 has not failed to impress during our time with it. In this video, we run through five new features that really stand out. Some of our favourites include the massive screen, the triple lens camera and the improved AI trickery. What are you most excited for?

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29 Replies to “Huawei P20 – Top 5 Features!”

  1. florin

    You people are crazy. You spoke more than 90% only about camera. It is a phone not a camera man. You talked about apearance and grip of this phone. It is ludicriuos. You cannot keep in your hand it will slip and fall easily. All my phones i used from second 0 with case. Otherwise god knows. And more over the quality of fingersensor is poor. Check on net man.

  2. florin soica

    Unfortunately it is another chinese crap. Parts falling apart after 6 month. Fingerprint sensor had to be replaced after this period. Otherwise nice phone and fast and working well. But the battery depletes fast if you use the bluetooth feature. Also after the end of the month of November it got a bit warm when in heavy use. After it came from repairs it got emui 9 and android 9 too. Lets see the differences. It is also slippery from your hand, not a problem for me as i use with a heavy duty case.

  3. David Knight

    I'm no expert but the back of my P20 I'd say is aluminium?……. Having got used to a notch,more of any "annoyance" for me, which all reviewers somehow miss is the sticky out camera lens on the back.
    Another con is the fact the finish is very very slippy. The P20 literally creeps off the arm of my sofa.
    All things considered delighted with the P20, but come on reviewers those are 2 massive elephants in the room.

  4. M M

    Had every Samsung Galaxy S version since the S3 and I have an S7 Edge now. Getting fed up with Touchwhiz so would love to try the P20 Pro but I need the best, being able to handle a little shakey hands, no fuzz, easy point and shoot, 100% always good photo's, Phone. So I am really not sure if I should get an S9 or P20 Pro. Tried the P20 Pro at the shop the other day and 3 out of 5 pictures weren't 100% sharp. Not sure if it was some setting or me.

  5. EonHSD

    Check out the Navigation settings all the way down in settings. You can turn off the virtual navigation bar and control everything with the hardwar button.

  6. burso83

    why does the phone come with a screen protector pre installed? does the screen lack the oleophobic coating as P10 did? Can anyone clarify? I have tried the P10 without the screen protector and the glass was not smooth to slide my finger one. Hope this will not be the same after the screen protector removal as it will be the first thing I'm going to do.

  7. razordmitriy

    total megapixels? are you serious) try also to sum up all possible resolutions for camera and video mode, so 4k + FHD + 720p will give you fantastic 7040×3960

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