Huawei P20 : Unboxing and Full Review : Malaysia

The Huawei P20 and the P20 Pro was one of the flagship devices
which got a lot of people very excited to arrive here in Malaysia. With an affordable price tag and a great camera, the P20 seems to be a very good option if you wanna get a great flagship phone without breaking the bank!

Get yours at the official Huawei Online Store


*Huawei Knuckle Gestures*

1) Take A Screenshot:-
– Knock the screen twice one knuckle

2) Video Screen Recording:-
– Knock the screen twice with two knuckles

3) App Split Screen Mode
– Use knuckle to draw a line across the screen

4) Selected Screen Grab
– Use knuckle to create a shape to select an area to screen grab

Audio Credit: Post Malone feat. Justin Bieber – Deja Vu (4:25 – 4:42)

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40 Replies to “Huawei P20 : Unboxing and Full Review : Malaysia”

  1. Yen Robbie

    I know this question might be out of the topic but Adam , do you think Honor will provide future update for Honor 10 and impliment the Night Mode to the device? Is it possible tho?

  2. Jorge Gomez

    Hello my friend, regards from Venezuela. I have a question. -What do you think about of Huawei mate 10 pro? I ask you, cause I want to buy this phone but watching your vídeo of P series P20 and P20 pro, I can't decide, since I like both of them. Which one do you recommend me?

  3. Wan Hanis Sophia

    Hi Adam, I've been using Huawei P9 for almost 2 years now. I wanted to change (getting a new one) to P20 or P20 Pro but so far I have some uncertainties. Does both of the phones have Micro SD slot? Some told me yes but looking at the website it only states sim card slot. I'd really appreciate it if you can advise me 🙂 Thank you, Adam!

  4. N_ R

    New Phone = Huawei P20 Pro. Old Phone = iPhone X. I don't miss the iPhone X at all (I now regret buying it [$1150!]–what a MISTAKE).

  5. Zikri Zainal

    Maybe you can buy yourself a fan/aircond first? Cause you're sweating bro ? and also a guide for newbies to pick the best service provider w the desired phone would be really great!

  6. Light Vader

    I bought a P20 from maxis since and it's a chinese build (c636). Just wanna know if there are any differences between this and the eurpoean/global build apart from the absence of google feed on the homescreen. And does the whole of malaysia gets the chinese build or is it just maxis? Just curious. Btw great vid man?

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