Huawei P20 vs Galaxy S9 Plus Camera Comparison!

Some of best smartphone cameras go head to head. Huaweis P20 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Which one takes the better photos? The results will surprise you!

Huawei P20 Pro vs Pixel 2XL –

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35 Replies to “Huawei P20 vs Galaxy S9 Plus Camera Comparison!”

  1. Rin Tintin

    I fear WISH uses a lot of gray market goods. Which may still be good.
    When ordering from WISH make sure it is exactly what you want.
    WISH is inexpensive make sure u
    get what you want because you can't send it back.

  2. MoewJoew

    Making a comparison when you were moving while taking a picture is not worth the comparison, don't get me wrong great video and all but I saw in some of the pictures you didn't take enough time to get the best out of it especially the selfie picture is like (oh I'm going to take a selfie really quick). If you took your time to hold the phone still enough the pictures would have been better, but in this I can't make my result on which one is better and if its worth buying 1 of them. I've seen people who took better pictures in the same lighting conditions than in this video.

  3. Frank HunInvader

    I have P20 and also a Note 8. when I take a picture with the Note 8, I miss the P20, also the battery life is better on the Huawei. If I use the P20, I miss Samsung's Note 8 beautiful screen. This does not mean that the Note 8 can't take amazing shots, because some close up shots and click point and shoot, many times I prefer the Note 8, because the P20 could still end up making blurry out of focus images if you're in the hurry. I think, this is a software issue still, that Huawei still haven't really optimized EMUI on these devices.
    On camera speed shots , Samsung is a beast. Beside camera and battery , everyday versatility and smoothness, Samsung is still better. Camera and especially night shots is just one thing, not everything.
    EMUI software is just not cutting it for me, even if I change things in developer options settings to speed it up, EMUI has still a long way to go and I'm saying this who doesn't particularly like Samsung's TouchWiz either, but they really did make it better over the last couple of years. Huawei either needs to drop EMUI or work on it harder to be taken seriously. Anyone on the market for a phone, I recommend either of them, if you prefer large beautiful screens, go with Note 8 or 9, whichever fits your budget, if you don't mind the P20 LCD and want to save some bucks and making really good pictures is priority, then go with P20, if you want even more battery power and like to craft your pictures and don't mind EMUI OS, then go with the Huawei P20Pro.

  4. ss LoVEYou14

    make this video just for photo only? why don't compare others, face detection, fingerprint sensor, charging speed …. s9 plus battery drain like hell
    don't believe? just buy then
    p20 pro no need open ultra power saving, already can last longer
    s9 plus? should compare to iPhone not huawei. Samsung can't beat huawei at all!

  5. Neo Malcom

    The Galaxy S9+ does not use Multi frame processing to give you excellent Dynamic Range when u turn on HDR and also when you turn HDR Off it works only when you set the phone to Auto HDR i have an S9+ and those images in Auto mode would have blown out the P20 which has a great camera

  6. Vidyamancer

    Both phones are miles ahead of my old J5 but I'm going to record lots of high-res video when I travel abroad so I feel like the image stabilization of 4K recording is more important to me. Got the 64GB S9 for €410. I do like the P20 though. Tough call!

  7. Nina Schiebbacher

    Hey! I only want to say that I LOVE your videos! Although I'm from austria I don't know a better technic (??) youtuber that you. Thank you that you're making YouTube! I hope my english is good enought that you understant what I am writing?

  8. Alx Blc

    The S9 is obviously much better in low light scenarios, look at the small details. Also, a big problem on the P20 is the excessive sharpness in daylight, which is such a shame, because the main camera has lots of potential which is wasted with bad processing. The S9 is clear winner for me. I own a P10 which I like very much, but I wouldn't upgrade to the P20.

  9. Alex Radulescu

    If you shoot more low light and indoors, the S9 plus will end up in the trash. I have the P20 pro for a few months and my wife just got the s9 plus. We initially thought there is a problem with the unit, as we unboxed it and played around with it in the house first. It's not like it's a bit worse than the p20 pro, it's absolutely horrible. And the live focus is simply a joke in low light or indoors. Outside, day time, on Auto, it's pretty good, I even liked some shots better. Low light, indoor, and that live focus mode…I'm not exaggerating, it's near unusable. And in the same scenes the p20 pro makes it stupidly easy.

  10. Paul Tasker

    If you like using phone for photos you need a battery that can see you through a day and p20 delivers that. Although smaller than p20 pros and only lcd I've usually got 50 percent left at the end of a day. With heavy use maybe 25 percent. Not once has it needed to be charged before bedtime.

  11. Si gi

    no need to get the pro version, if the regular P20 is better than the S9 then that is good enough, it will save you few hundreds of dollars.

  12. Erik-Martijn

    Good phone but only the 4K stabilization is bad. You can use Google Foto as your gallery to stabilize afterwards (or use it as a second gallery). Select the video and click on 'stabilize' in the menu below. Works great?

  13. S tv

    Soon iPhone and Samsung will loose their spot Huawei will take lead,. They created p20 Pro just not for camera it's all rounder

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