Huawei P20 vs iPhone X: RM2599 vs RM5149, which is better?

The Huawei P20 may be one of the most value for money flagship now with a superb camera, but how does it fare against the iPhone X that costs two times its price? This isn’t just a head to head comparison, but rather we are here to discuss about what these two phones are able to offer for what they are worth.

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36 Replies to “Huawei P20 vs iPhone X: RM2599 vs RM5149, which is better?”

  1. John Gilbert

    Oh yeah and I'm a rebel apparently as I bought a Huawei when my government is bullying every other government to steer clear of Huawei. I don't think it's become contraband yet. Lol.

  2. Frank HunInvader

    I had iphone X for 4 weeks, then I sold it. Not because it's bad, but I had enough of the iphone thing. I don't have Apple laptop or iMacs so the whole thing about integration doesn't matter to me. The reason I sold it is, because there is nothing I can justify its price. I'll take a picture with my old iphone SE that I got for $100, or I'll take one with the iPhoneX and nobody can tell which photo is made with which, not even I. Beside that, there is nothing exciting about it. The facial unlock is something I don't like. Sometimes I just want to glance at the screen as I pull it from my pocket and I can't do that anymore. Or when the alarm goes off in the morning and I just want to look at my notification from a distance, I don't want to sit up or bring the phone to my face.
    After selling the iPhone for $650, I bought a P20 and a Blackberry Keyone from the price, because my wife still wants physical keyboard. The P20 is a very good phone, especially after it was updated with EMUI 9.

  3. hjhj khkhk

    I went to the band camp with my best friend,>>> taking photos in the twilight with the iPhone X telephoto lens. But I enjoyed the telephoto camera's new optical image stabilization. I still had moments of blur, but it seemed to me that, at last, 2X zoom photos looked as good as the wide-angle ones. Zoom feels more powerful as a result. However, I learned that the Portrait Mode on the selfie camera tends to favor one person and keep them in focus, but if you stay close together, it'll help keep two or three people in focus at once. So, selfie portrait mode doesn't work with backgrounds that are too far in the distance. I know flash is better than iPhone 5.

  4. Ban Powel

    The iPhone is in a completely different league, its sheer quality blows the p20 away as yet another pretender. I have tried all the iPhone wannabes from South Korea and China and they all fall way short of the suoerbly engineered iPhones

  5. JunkDNA Reviews

    Is he joking. He says you get roughly a days charge from both phones. The p20s battery is almost twice as big as the X. Everyone knows the iPhones dies with in half a day of moderate use. But I’m here on the p20 pro nearly 2 days since I last charged

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