Huawei P20 – You're Missing Out.

Here is my review of the Huawei P20. One of the best smartphones for the money. But how is that possible with the P20 Pro out there? Let’s find out.


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47 Replies to “Huawei P20 – You're Missing Out.”

  1. florin

    P20 is another chinese crap. I used for 6 mobth then sent for repairs. Faulty fingerprint sensor. Got it back with the update with Emui 9 and an droid 9. After a while got notification that Emui 9 is acaiable for update. What is that? Now a days people speak about cameras of the phone. It is first a phone then all other features of it. Now randomely it has weird behaviuor. One setting done is asked for a while yo redone again. More over the fingerprint sensor is still lagging. Same with face recognition. You do not know when is ok when not. Or work or not.

  2. Dylan Collins

    A few things to note, the UK model of the phone is still stuck on Android 8.1 due to "carrier restrictions" (these don't actually exist here. I had to put mine in for repair as the battery was defective out of the box, the only way I could get nearly a day of use is by putting my screen to low brightness and using the battery saver mode constantly.

    Other than that it has the nicest camera of any phone I've ever used (even coming from the Nokia 7 Plus which shares it's Zeiss optics with the Pixel 2) and the screen is an absolute beauty, it also just feels really premium in the hand!

  3. Paul Tasker

    Upgraded from LG g5 and it's mostly good but the g5 has better speakers, better vibration motor and the wide angle camera. Not to mention always on display. In every other way the p20 is a big upgrade. Battery life is superb and camera is also brilliant. The vibrate motor is too weak to feel it in my pocket on silent mode. That is very annoying. Also it's poor when typing because it's noisy yet doesn't actually give strong feedback. There's no always on display and 3rd party ones flatten battery rapidly. The g5 managed that with LCD just fine. But I hadn't realised it has a smaller back light for this use. This is a very good phone but can't completely replace my g5. I still swap the SIM every now and then.

  4. The Bay

    The no-box is due to your purchase from eBay. Huawei will provide you with a box, and everything else you can possibly have included in the box. Make purchases directly from Huawei!

  5. livinglegend1100

    Writing this from my P20, and I have only one thing to say about this video: excellent!

    Just that it doesnt have stereo speakers; the earpiece doesnt produce any sound. Its a single firing bottom speaker, which is more than good anyway!

  6. Cesar Klauer

    This phone with the android 9 update is a completely different experience altogether! The emui on android 9 is so pretty and feels very top tier and professional

  7. Frank HunInvader

    I'm using P20 and Samsung Note 8 so this should be a reference opinion for those who are thinking getting one or the other and trying to decide, since the Note 8 prices are just around and below $400 as of today (Jan/2018).
    Of course the P20 lasts longer regarding battery life, but they still need to work on that EMUI optimization if you ask me. Touchwiz Samsung phones is another love/hate relationship for many, but I'd still put it above EMUI, when it comes to snappiness and smoothness. And it has nothing to do with the phone really, because I did try out the even more powerful P20Pro and it feels very similar to the P20, when it comes to the OS and responsiveness to touch.
    As far as the camera, there is not a clear winner here, because at some circumstances I prefer the Samsung, at other times the P20 is the winner or I just I call it even, you can't go wrong with either of these devices in this aspect.
    I'm not gonna talk about much the screen, because honestly the P20 is no match for the Samsung's super amoled, which is flagship class leading, not even the $100K iPhones could touch it. But let me pause and reflect here, that I am comparing a nearly 2 year old flagship to a midrange phone released in 2018 for half of the price of that Samsung. Id' say it's more of a compliment that I am even comparing this device to the top of the line Samsung and calling it a close call, because today's midrange phones (late 2018/early 2019), are at the heels of yesterdays flagships or even outclass them in many aspects, and that's fantastic news for us.
    In a nutshell, you can't go wrong with either, but if you prefer less bulky phone, that fits comfortably in your hand and with a serious battery life and excellent camera, go with the P20, if you want the most pleasant looking display on the market, Samsung is the king. Either way you're getting your money's worth, the P20 Pro or Note 9 are in a different league due to their much higher price.

  8. Veena V

    Thank you for an indepth look at this phone. I currently have an iphone, is there a separate lead I need to buy for this phone to use my current headphones and external mics – I plug them into my headphone socket

  9. Jeth Mercer

    Can you make a revisited review of obi mv1 worldphone?

    I like it when someone still reviews an old smartphone model (3-4years old atleast) because this smartphones are priced cheaper as it ages and could become an alternative or back up smartphone

  10. Thameren Dyck

    1 selfie camera white girls dream of 2 low light abailitys are insaine 3 very fast and snappy 4 very fast charging 5 camera stabilisation is amazing on regular setting are great

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