42 Replies to “Huawei P30 | EMUI 10.1 | AOD skins & Multi Window”

  1. Dreal Player

    Dobrý den prosím vás nevíte čim to je že mi na huawei p30 dodnes nepřišla aktualizace 10.1 Česká republika děkuji za odpověď a přeji hezký den

  2. Syed Afzal Shah

    Please fire all you dev who designed 10.1 EMUI. Multiscreen just not user friendly anymore. Before it was one touch and any app. Now You need to be genius to understand how this thing work.
    and What with pressing home button just close all your screens? Why Why???

  3. chester mark andallo

    Bro good day. I have a question. Recently there was an update on huawei p30 pro i got the emui 10.0.126(may security patch) then the 10.1 came out. Does anyone else received the 10.1 or the security patch?

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