Huawei P30 Lite Review: The new Midrange Monster!

The Huawei p30 Pro has impressed everyone. What about the little brother, the Huawei p30 lite: Full review!
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Huawei P30 Lite:

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38 Replies to “Huawei P30 Lite Review: The new Midrange Monster!”

  1. philip hansen

    Terrible phone. Sent mine back after two days. Under powered and over priced. My p10 was more powerful and that phone is few years old now. Screen looses light round edges which is really annoying after a while, under powered GPU and CPU. Got a p40 lite for same price,

  2. シJason

    I'm getting one for about 200 quid. Seems like a decent phone. I would like to know though, would I be able to transfer alot of my stuff from my Samsung or will I have to essentially start from scratch. Wont be mad either way

  3. Paul Clark

    Ok review Alex, however I need to correct you on one thing.. I have the same phone, and there IS a notification light! It also throttles back quite badly on performance when you have a few apps going on.

  4. Fulwood phantom

    Dont like finger print sensors on the back of phones , I always buy love mei tough cases for my phones which renders the sensor useless, but great phone great review

  5. GAT-BG Audio

    Camera is complete disaster even compared to Nokia 3310. Especially in daylight it can compete in "Worst Ever Daylight Photo" competition and win with ease.

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