Huawei P30 Lite Review: The odd one out

Huawei P30 Lite Review

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37 Replies to “Huawei P30 Lite Review: The odd one out”

  1. joseph ferzly

    I'm baying one for my daugther for 300$ i know that is a weak (bent tst) but its an average mid range one better than z a50 Samsung (very bad build quality). tsk for z movie 🙂

  2. Edwin Dexter Teng

    My friends can unlock my p30lite by just pressing the power button then swiping up
    Already did facial recognition and fingerptint scan security features but this still wont stop anyone from opening my phone with just the power button and swipe
    Is there anyway an owner can prevent this?

  3. ann shayne cepillo

    Not a gamer so I picked this one. Launching apps and playing games are smooth though.
    Love the pre-installed screen recording (no need to download apps for that), the split screen (so you can do 2 tasks at a time), the scroll screenshot (if i name it right), the 32mp selfie camera, triple camera (especially the effects from their menu).
    the design (so handy), and the very responsive fingerprint sensor which can also be use in taking selfies and more. ?

  4. Carina Krogh

    I have to upgrade soon. But can't decide which phone? I'm looking at Mate 20 pro, Honor 10 lite and P30 lite or P 30 – can anybody tell me what would be the best? I'm not a gamer, but it should have a good camera, battery life, speed etc. which all of these actually do have. I've been doing research but confusing myself now!

  5. John Andrew Senorin

    Nabasa ko online may radio siya, so nagrenew ako ng smart postpaid plan last monday, tapos ito unit na kinuha ko, pero wala pala radio. Pero pwede na rin, 192 lang nmn binayad ko.

  6. Rynel Acosta

    I'm using the P30 Pro Lite with 48mp rear cam which I bought from europe. I don't know why the version of the P30 Pro Lite that you can get in SE Asia is inferior.

    Edit: And they are roughly priced the same.

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