34 Replies to “HUAWEI P30 | P30 Pro Shines Its Light On The Burj Khalifa”

  1. Suvro Pollob

    I want a Phone with..
    1. Hardware : Apples Chipset, grafix, processor and apple security.
    2. Display: Samsunug Daynamic P- Oled display with sony 4k tce, sonys HDR, X reality and triluminious….
    3. Audio : AudioPort by LG
    4. OS: One Plus OS
    5. Camera : Leica zoom and low light camera tec, Samsung Super Stabilization, AI from huwei, all mode from apple, Google pixel software, apple video HDR and sonys tec.
    6. Apples SOC
    7. Oppo 50watt charge
    8. Samsungs UFS 3.0 storage
    9. Durability of Nokia 3110
    10. Apples battery Optimazition
    11. Price o Xaiomi ?

  2. 杨健

    Since 1949, the population of the Uighurs in China has increased fivefold, making it the fastest growing among all nations. Today's Uighur Muslims all speak their own language and will be no more than 30% proficient in Mandarin. The proportion of Han people in the entire Chinese population has fallen by 10%.

    Let's compare the Islamic country of Indonesia. Indonesia killing of 1 million Chinese in 1965 with the support of the United States. In 1998, it again massacred 2,000 Chinese. From 1965 to 1998, all Chinese were forbidden to speak Chinese. Not many people in Indonesia today speak Mandarin. In 2016, Indonesian Muslims once again attacked Chinese Buddhist temples.

    In ancient China, a minister proposed to the Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty a total ban on Islam (because Islam was spread after the invasion of China, and all the shamanic Buddhists in Xinjiang were forced to change their beliefs). The Emperor Yongzheng rejected this suggestion and punished this.Minister. At the same time, King Sejong of Korea did not hesitate to ban all Islamic activities and all Muslims were relegated to slaver. Japan simply does not allow Muslims to land. Today's Japan and South Korea simply do not have local Muslims.,All Muslims appeared after 1945.

    Excuse me, who is kind? Who is cruel?

  3. Ghost 123

    It is so impressive how far Huawei came with their phones! First i only thought samsung and apple where the best but now huawei is on the top too!

  4. JZ VR

    Have the P30 Pro, by far the best phone out now, cameras, charging speed, battery life, performance, signal etc. are all the best.

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