Huawei P30 Pro – A Day in the Life.

Reviewing the Huawei P30 Pro Camera, battery life, performance, display and more – what do you think to this completely new kind of video?
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This video was made in collaboration with Huawei

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32 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro – A Day in the Life.”

  1. Jason Finch

    The video seems overly red and unnatural? Is there any way to correct this? around 0:56 the station reds seem really warm.. I assume the guy's bag has a reflector on the back, otherwise that red is crazy bright… Other than that seems like an amazing phone.

  2. chloe chloe

    I have a P30 lite and I just got it yesterday, the sound quality is horrendous, especially on Instagram (it sounds kind of muffled) and I just gotta ask, is that to be expected because it's lite?

  3. Rina Tan

    Am I buying a camera, binoculars or phone, unfortunately the P30 pro screen resolution is too Low considering it’s launch in 2019 with such good camera but can’t even view it nicely

  4. TechRide

    I wish I could also win a giveaway you make, so that I can experience a expensive phone, cause I am not that posh, Thanks sir 🙂 love your videos

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