Huawei P30 Pro first look

With an additional ultrawide lens, 10x telephoto lens and a time-of-flight lens, the Huawei P30 Pro is a photographic powerhouse.

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34 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro first look”

  1. M Riss

    CNET, how about you do some real research into the IP theft and the intelligence battlespace going on with communist Chinese sponsored companies like Huawei and ZTE and others. To promote stolen technology over legitimately developed technology with hard won research dollars gotten through legitimately developed products, is unconscionable on your part! Try supporting liberty, truth and property rights and you'll actually be doing something valuable for this world instead of promoting Orwellian serfdom, lies/propaganda and government running every aspect of people's lives. You are aware of what China has been doing with its one-child policy, it's imprisoning of many of its own people for political reasons and is now doing with its social credit scoring system aren't you?

  2. M Riss

    "U.S. authorities gathered information about Huawei Technologies Co Ltd through secret surveillance that they plan to use in a case accusing the Chinese telecom equipment maker of sanctions-busting and bank fraud, prosecutors said on Thursday."

  3. Peter Zhong

    $1000+ phone and absolutely obsolete in two years? For both Samsung and Huawei, there will be absolutely no deal from me. I have reached maturity that I concentrate on functionality + value rather than showing off in public.

  4. M Riss

    Huawei is proven to be a company controlled by the communist Chinese. If you'd like for communist totalitarian China to have a backdoor to all your data, go ahead and buy. I'm sure they'll honor your social credit score as long as you are a good comrade and work your slave labor job without complaint.

  5. keshav kumar

    it would be much cooler if that notch was on the right side of the display
    .. like a hole punch.. after all the upper part of the whole punch display is useless. so it would make it more perfect if the notch is on the side of the display. instead of the center

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