Huawei P30 Pro hands-on: a photographic powerhouse

The Huawei P30 Pro flagship has a huge battery, absentee bezels, and a promising new quad-camera system. It will compete against Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series for supremacy in the high-end Android smartphone market across Europe and Asia. Huawei is also launching a non-Pro P30, which scales the screen size down to 6.1 inches, has a smaller 3,650mAh battery, and accepts slower 22.5W charging, as well as the Huawei FreeLace earphones.

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46 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro hands-on: a photographic powerhouse”

  1. Liam Moore

    Genuinely, why are camera bumps still around? Can't engineers and designers make the phone that extra 3-5mm thicker or set the camera mechanics further back in the phone itself?

  2. Lasse Embøl

    Great video, but one observation, not meaning to be offensive in any way. Now, I don't think I'm having difficulties understanding the English language (and/or British dialects), but for me, I feel Vlad is a bit too fast and not clear in his speech, making it hard for me to understand what he's saying sometimes. When the subtitles also contain transcription mistakes, there can be some misunderstandings of what is actually said.
    I just wanted to make a heads-up and a tiny plea/wish for presenters to be as clear as possible when presenting in videos.
    Thanks, and keep up the great journalism and video content you're creating across The Verge!

  3. JZ VR

    P30 Pro has better cameras, better performance, dual SIM, better battery life, faster charging, IR blaster, dual band GPS, wireless desktop mode, faster LTE, better everything than the S10+, this is hands down the best phone out now.

  4. Emmanuel Vallarta

    Such a beautiful device, especially coming from Huawei. I just can't live without 1440p. Also the UI is too clunky. Reminds me of when Samsung had Touch Wiz, just more modern

  5. David Peter

    No reviewers EVER mention the "lite" versions. There is a P30 Pro, P30, and P30 Lite. This is the same for the P20, Mate 20, P10, Mate 10. But these reviewers never mention this. I don't understand why.

  6. Marcus Riddle

    I found the camera processing on the mate 20 pro really hit or miss. It just isn't reliable if you care about a solid camera. And knowing Huawei they wouldn't have fixed it so I'll give it a miss.

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